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NCETM online discussion forums.

The National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) held its first online seminar about Calculation last night.  The online seminars are synchronous – all those attending (and there is a waiting list for these now), log on at a certain time and then we can have live discussions, share...


Gender in Engineering

Stylli Charalampous is coming up to North Lindsey next Monday to talk about Gender in relation to Engineering.  It is a morning workshop and there is room for additional people.  If you fancy coming, please contact and I will send you all the details.

Also we are visiting Hitec Electronic...


Response from Government & Ofqual on Practical experiments in school science & field trips

[Reproduced from TecHKnow -]

On 14th September, the House of Commons Select Committee published a report into "Practical experiments in science lessons and science field trips. On 15th November, the Government and also Ofqual responded to the report. The report focused on...


Science Resources - Chemistry

Excellent chemistry resources to support A-level by Knockhardy. These include notes and powerpoint presentations. Visit the following website;


Keynote presentations

Hello all,

Here are the presentations from Peter Mitchell and Jo Hutchinson.

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Univeristy Technical Colleges:

International Centre for Guidance Studies:




GeoGebra mathematics software

In anticipation of the Yorks & Humbs STEM Maths network meeting, on 1st February at Doncaster College, I have loaded the 80-page introductory manual for GeoGebra 4.0 which is the latest version of the internationally acclaimed free-to-use geometry, algebra, graphing and spreadsheet program. We are ...


Workshop presentations

Here are the presentations from the workshop.

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- National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics:

- ESERO-UK (UK Space Education Office:

- National network of Science Learning Centres & LSIS STEM...


Equipping New Science Labs

On behalf of Heather Aspinwall at Wirral Met College

Here at Wirral Met we are about to move to one site and will be refurbishing  our existing science labs and equipping new ones. I know a number of my colleagues in colleges in the North West are going through similar transitions. I also know that...


Organisational STEM Leadership Days

If you missed the recent Organisational STEM Leadership Development Days, have a look at the presentations ( from the events so that you can see the ideas and action plans explored. Each event brought together practitioners to...



Recently worked with BloodhoundSSC education team at primary school event and now booked for South East STEM Conference on 15th March at East Malling Conference Centre. Brilliant website, video content and resources. You can't put a 1000mph car in a wind tunnel - some very interesting and leading edge...