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Task Maths

One of my favourite resources on the STEM Learning website is the Task Maths series of books written by Barbara and Derek Ball. There are five books aimed at year 7 to year 11 students.

There are many ways to introduce Pythagoras’ Theorem. I use the ‘Tilted Squares’ task (book 4 chapter 10) as it enables...


Bin packing in Core Maths

Copper tubing is sold in 10m lengths.

For a particular job a plumber requires the following lengths:

2m, 8m, 4m, 5m, 2m, 5m, 4m

How many 10m lengths does the plumber have to buy for the job?

In the 'Bin packing' resource students are introduced to the first fit decreasing algorithm and...


MARS: Interpreting equations

The ‘Interpreting equations’ resource is a concept development lesson from the ‘Mathematics Assessment Resource Service’ (MARS). The resource is intended to help students connect algebraic equations to real-life situations. It also helps to uncover and address misconceptions concerning the meaning of variables in...


Action Plans

We have had a few teachers asking for an example of an Action Plan to help them to fill in their own.  We have had some great ones come in already, from Bronze up to Gold.  I've attached some generic examples, aimed at Silver Level, that you could use to get some ideas.  


Stem club in Leeds

hi I run a STEM club at my school in Leeds and would really love to inspire the students and have someone come in to talk about potential stem careers. We run it after school on a monday between 2:50-4 however any other day is fine if that isn’t ok! Get in touch if you can help. Thank you! 


Using one Micro:bit to data-log all day long, with no Computer connected

Our small school in Kathmandu wants to enable students to log data, without tying up Computers or Tablets while that is going on.

Currently, MakeCode doesn't do that by itself for a couple of reasons.  1) The "show device console" is not offered unless logging is 'live' with a...


Rangeworthy Primary School - Learning about Shackleton

Our activity with the Polar Explorer Programme has inspired us to find out about the early exploration of Antarctica. The children have been fascinated to learn about 'the race for the pole' between Amundsen and Scott and were gripped by the story of Ernest Shackleton and his Endurance expedition....


HEaTED CPD and scheduled events for spring - are you joining us?

Hello everyone, 

We're busy scheduling HEaTED CPD and events for spring - and there's bound to be something for you! You can check our scheduled network meetings here: - don't worry south east and south west we've got something really exciting coming for you soon!



Setting up a code club in my sons school

Hi, I am interested in setting up a club in my sons school and I think the headteacher will be very willing as she is very passinate about STEM. The only issue i suspect is whether it is an open club for external children or whether it can be closed for just the students within the school. Are the clubs...



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