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Hi everyone, my name's Anthony and I'm a soon to be NQT from sunny Bournemouth!

Just thought I'd start a thread so we can all say hi before we meet at the end of August.

I'm looking forward to finding out about you all and stealing all your fantastic teaching ideas!



Hi all, I will be starting my 3rd year of teaching in Sept but my first at A level. Hoping to get some great ideas for motivating and enthusing the students.
See you soon John



Hello everyone. Looking forward to a great week in August. If anyone is arriving on the Sunday evening I'll be there around 9pm. Arriving by train from Newquay.
See you all soon.



Pre Course Tasks

Hi All, thanks to those of you that are introducing yourselves. We have a few things we would like you to do in advance of the Summer School and by the 12th August. Jess Easton (one of the delegates) will be carrying out an evaluation of the Summer School and will load some questions here for you to tackle and...


Own Experience

Please describe your own experience of being taught A level mathematics.


Preliminary Task

Hi everyone,
hope your all looking forward to your summer holidays! I am trying to gauge the different stages you are joining us from so ask if you would attempt 4 A-level questions from the 4 areas C1, C2, S1 and M1 and a questionnaire attached about how to found them on the link below. I have attached a...


Fair trade

Has anyone got any fair trade resources linked to STEM?



I hope you are all managing to complete the pre-course tasks, they are a prerequisite for attendance and need to be completed by 12th August to give us a chance to analyse.
You will soon be receiving a provisional timetable for the week, which starts with registration at 12pm on Monday 22nd August and ends at...


Final Call

Hi All, I really hope you've had a good summer holiday and managed to see some sunshine. I'm looking forward to the Summer School next week and am sure you all are too. This is really a final reminder to add your experience of being taught A level and do the pre-course task before arriving on Monday. Enjoy your...


Quiz Questions and Answers

For those of you that are interested I've loaded the quiz questions and answers. The maths questions come from which is a free website and the general knowledge questions came from