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What would you have liked us to do differently?

Please submit your responses by replying to this topic and the other evaluation questions in the Group.


Yorkshire and Humber STEM Champion

My name is Ken Fielding and I am coordinating the LSIS STEM project across the Y&H region. Currently 23 colleges are taking part in the project but there is room for more. If you want to know how to get involved send me an email ( My base is North Lindsey College in...


LSIS Projects currently funded

Loughborough College LSIS Project

The aim of this project is to introduce exciting teaching methods and activities in Science and Engineering which will inspire, enthuse and retain learners in level 2 and 3 vocational courses. The project hopes to encourage these learners to achieve beyond their...


Presentations from the Day

Hello everyone, and thanks again for attending last Thursday's Social Media CPD Day.

The presentations from the day are now available - if you click on the 'Media' tab at the top of this box, you will be able to find them by session title.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any further queries...


Evidence for using social media for promoting educational activities (not outreach)

Hi All,

I have been gearing up on all the new tools from the social media workshop and as i have been increasing my twitter following and updating our facebook page, I was wondering if anyone knew of any evidence to show that teachers want information delivered to them in this way. It wasn't discussed at...


Teachers' use of Social Media survey

Hello again everyone!
I just wanted to draw your attention to a survey we are currently running: looking exactly at the topic many people questioned on the day back in February; Namely, do teachers interact with Social Media? And, how do teachers want news delivered to...


Responding to the on line questionnaire

I tried to fill in the on line questionnaire , but you really have to be a teacher in a school as many of the questions relate to this. Can you add an intro to your advert that says do you teach in a school?


Mars Explorer Resources

These are the Mars Rover challenge resources that have been developed. Please feel free to share with colleagues and to send me feedback and suggestions of additional links and improvements.



Welcome to the group "A level Maths Summer School 2011". I will use this group for giving you all the information you need for the course. There will be a pre-course task and survey which you will be asked to complete so please make sure you check the group regularly. You may also wish to communicate with the other...


How do I add favourite items to my public list?

Hi, On my public profile there is an area called 'List'. Can I put my favourite resources there so that I can ask other people to look at a resource? (I know how to add items to my private dashboard/profile.)