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£500 grant for STEM activities

If you are looking for funding to run a STEM activity in your school, the Royal Institution (Ri) is offering UK state schools grants of up to £500 to host a STEM enrichment activity for their teachers and students.


Successful applicants will receive £500 towards any activity listed...


Under pressure: the search for metallic hydrogen

Researchers at Edinburgh University Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions believe they are very close to forming a new, previously unseen form of hydrogen, known as metallic hydrogen.

It was predicted 80 years ago that, under sufficient pressure, the H-H bonds in molecular hydrogen could break down and...


Farmtech National STEM Competition

How can we check if agricultural crops have enough water remotely?

Is there a way of keeping farmers, their families and walkers safe on farming land?

The Farm Tech Challenge UK is a STEM challenge for students aged between 11 – 19 years.

The challenge is open until the 23rd of...


I'm an engineer, get me out of here!


Following in the footsteps of the highly successful 'I'm a scientist!' competition, we now have 'I'm an engineer, get me out of here!'

A free online event where school students meet and interact with engineers. It’s an X Factor-style competition between engineers,...


This heat regulating clothing has a secret ingredient: bacteria.

High performance sports clothing is big business. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are willing to spend big money on garments that can help improve athletic performance by improving comfort, keeping the body cool/warm or helping with recovery. Well, athletes may soon be able to get a helping hand from an...


One artist given exclusive rights to the blackest black on Earth

Vantablack, officially the blackest material in the world, has been making headlines recently after it was revealed that exclusive rights for its use have been given to just one artist.

The company that created Vantablack, Surrey Nanosystems, have confirmed that British sculptor Anish Kapoor is the only...


#TBT: Sixty Second Science

It's British Science week. The resource Sixty Second Science is part of the British Science Association’s National Science & Engineering Week activity pack series. It contains a range of great ideas that work just as well in a mathematics classroom as a science one.

Can your students...


TeenTech City of Tomorrow

Hi all,

Some information below to sign up for the STEM/Engineering/CT TeenTech City of Tomorrow project.  

Sign up for free resources

....and also sign up for event days like this:


Get your students talking to real scientists and engineers this November

I'm a Scientist and I'm an Engineer will be running this November to blow away the mad scientist stereotype and show school students a slice of real science and engineering. 

For two weeks between Monday 7th and Friday 18th November students all over the UK will be able to ask questions to, and...


STEM enrichment project: Get your students talking to real engineers this November

I’m an Engineer is an online X-Factor style competition for engineers, where students are the judges! It's running this November and teachers can apply now to take part.

For two weeks between Monday 7th and Friday 18th November students all over the UK will be able to ask questions to, and take...