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How thick is tin foil?

I am sure you have all challenged students estimate the thickness of a piece of standard A4 paper. It can be hilarious watching students squinting at their see through shatterproof ruler in a vain attempt to measure the thickness of one piece of paper they have been given. Eventually a strategy is...


Courses available at The National STEM Centre

We are currently taking bookings for a number of mathematics courses taking place at National STEM Centre in the spring term.

Developing mathematical understanding through reasoning and problem solving

An intensive two part residential course in which participants will explore the importance of...


D&T teacher focus group

For those of you now joining us on the new website, I'm posting this again. 

We would like to bring together a group of D&T teachers to help shape the support that the National STEM Centre offers, so that it meets the needs of a subject which is evolving quickly. The workshop will last two hours...


The train track puzzle

One of the things I like about Christmas holidays is the chance to play some games and complete some puzzles. A few weeks ago I was sent the train track puzzle, attached to this post, which I have just had chance to complete. I like this puzzle as it is two stages: first to calculate how many tracks...


Computing Conference with CAS Regional Centre for Yorkshire and Humber

This year's STEM computing conference is set to be bigger and better than ever. By bringing together primary, secondary and post-16 computing educators we will create a melting pot of ideas and provide something for everyone.

Watch this space for confirmed sessions as we draw closer to the conference on...


micro:bit - don't miss out!

It's been a while in coming, that's fair to say. However, sometime over the coming term a wonderful free device will be gifted to all Y7 students (S1 in Scotland) in your school.

It'll be like Christmas all over again!

Only for students in up to 35% of schools, currently, it'...


Born clever? Neuroscientists identify networks of genes that influence intelligence.

The question of whether intelligence is a result of nature or nurture has been debated for decades. That genetics impacts on intelligence has never been disputed; around 40% of variation in intelligence is estimated to be explained by inheritance. However, scientists are yet to find a single gene that directly...


Nasa predict devastating El Niño.

Nasa have warned that the current El Niño could be the strongest on record and have a devastating global impact. Apparently the El Niño shows “a striking resemblance” to the El Niño of 1997, the biggest El Niño on record.

But what is El Niño? Why does it happen? And why should we be...


£3000 STEM grant funding available with The Royal Society

The Royal Society are accepting applications for their partnership grants (£3000) until the 1st of Feb 2016.

The partnership grants:

"fund up to £3000 for science, technology, engineering or mathematics projects supported by teachers and STEM professionals, in UK schools."




For those of you that are attending the 2nd part of the course in Feburary, just wondering how everyonask.e is getting on with there task.