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Idea linked to Volcanoes and Earthquakes?



I am embarking upon a topic all about Earthquakes and Volcanoes next term and am looking for any ideas related to these. Essentially, trips or in-school visit from experts etc would be excellent. 

I am a complete novice when it comes to the topic and have no previous...


micro:bit - don't miss out!

It's been a while in coming, that's fair to say. However, sometime over the coming term a wonderful free device will be gifted to all Y7 students (S1 in Scotland) in your school.

It'll be like Christmas all over again!

Only for students in up to 35% of schools, currently, it'...


Born clever? Neuroscientists identify networks of genes that influence intelligence.

The question of whether intelligence is a result of nature or nurture has been debated for decades. That genetics impacts on intelligence has never been disputed; around 40% of variation in intelligence is estimated to be explained by inheritance. However, scientists are yet to find a single gene that directly...


Nasa predict devastating El Niño.

Nasa have warned that the current El Niño could be the strongest on record and have a devastating global impact. Apparently the El Niño shows “a striking resemblance” to the El Niño of 1997, the biggest El Niño on record.

But what is El Niño? Why does it happen? And why should we be...