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Counterterrorism Workshop 21st January 2016

Thanks to everyone who made it along to the GMP Counterterrorism Workshop last Thursday, presented by Kitty Kaur and Hazel Taylor. This was well attended and a very informative session. For those who were not able to make the session we may include a shortened version in a future networking event.



Hi everyone. First time I have posted here; it seems like quite a big group. 

I my spare time I have a website where I share teacher resource websites, teacher blogs and good youtube channels. All of which are useful to students and teachers. 

If you want to have a look the link is as...


#TBT: Sixty Second Science

It's British Science week. The resource Sixty Second Science is part of the British Science Association’s National Science & Engineering Week activity pack series. It contains a range of great ideas that work just as well in a mathematics classroom as a science one.

Can your students...


Maths in the new specifications

Hi all,

To help support you in the increased maths elements of the new specifications, I wanted to share two documents developed by some of our Triple Science Advisors which you may wish to use to kick-start a conversation with your maths colleagues.

The audit sheet is for science departments to share...


Welcome to the flipped learning group

Hi members,

Thanks for joining this new flipped learning group.  Over the next few weeks in the run up to the webinar, you'll able to access our flipped learning tutorial videos and resources, preparing you to prepare your own flipped videos. 

Here are the links you'll...


#TBT: Resources to support Bike to School Week

Next week is Bike to School Week- below are three bike-themed resources to use in your mathematics lessons:

Olympic Cycling- In this Bowland assessment task students are given lap times of the medal winners of the men’s team sprint cycling race from the 2008 Olympic games and are asked to create and...


Pre course task.

Hi everyone. My name is TIm Bleazard and I'll be leading this two day course.

In order to make sure I tailor the course for the schools attending I could do with some information about the technology you have in school.  Please can you provide details of the devices your school has. Do you have...


BBC Micro:bit for sensing and control

As one of the "early adopters" of this site I am delighted to see how it has developed to its current format - with an extensive membership.  I have just posted a resource which I hope members will find useful in getting started with programming the BBC Micro:bit for physical computing.  ...


BBC micro:bit has landed!

BBC micro:bits are arriving in schools across the UK, and excited teachers and students are sharing their activities across social media. This post will get you up-to-speed on the device and what can be done with it.

What is it?

The BBC micro:bit is a small programmable device developed by the BBC and...


Can you help?

STEM Learning are doing some market research on magazines aimed at 14-19 year olds, through a short survey.

The views of our alumni, and your students, are incredibly important to us - and we'd be very grateful if you could share our survey with your students: