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This heat regulating clothing has a secret ingredient: bacteria.

High performance sports clothing is big business. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are willing to spend big money on garments that can help improve athletic performance by improving comfort, keeping the body cool/warm or helping with recovery. Well, athletes may soon be able to get a helping hand from an...


Petition calling for expressive arts to be included in the EBacc

There is currently a petition on the parliament website calling for expressive arts to be included in the EBacc. The campaign, which has been backed by the D&T Association and the Bacc for the Future campaign, has so far received over 100,000 signatures and is going to be debated in Parliament on Monday 4 July at...

BBC micro:bit

For teachers using the BBC micro:bit in the classroom, this group is the place to share ideas, resources, links and news. 

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Challenges In A box

Please see for an up to date listing of these challenges which are free to download and use. I alos have some kits which can be made available in Coventry and Warwickshire free of charge.
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06 February 2017

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Art & Design - Year 6 Inspired by Kandinsky

 Currently in Year 6 we have been looking at colour and the work of Wassily Kandinsky the Russian artist. Kandinsky believed that true artists could express their inner feelings through lines, shapes and colour. He felt all colours and forms had meaning and carefully planned each painting to express the...


Balmuildy Primary School, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

P6/5 used Lego Education and ipads to design and create their own space rovers.


The new register for arts technicians: what you need to know

Professional registration can be career-changing for technicians - and with the new arts register from the Institute of Science, Technology and the Arts (IST) recently launched, arts technicians can take this important step. But what do you need to know before you make the leap?You may have read that HEaTED is working with the IST to champion a...

Technical Support for the Arts conference

Hi Techs

Just a message to say how great the Technical Support for the Arts conference was last week! It was great to meet with other technicians. I had no idea things like NNAT existed so it was so great to discover all of this stuff. I am a senior technician at Falmouth University on the Textile Design...


Curiosity Hub - Creative Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths Workshops

Curiosity Hub provides engaging in-school STEM enrichment workshops for all Key Stages, complementing the National Curriculum in:ScienceComputing/Computer ScienceMathsDesign & Technology
Art & Design
Our workshops allow you to get ‘hands-on’ and explore technology in an interactive learning...

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Real Science or Just Bangs? (Science of Fireworks show)

Explore the colourful and explosive world of pyrotechnics as Matthew Tosh deconstructs the STEM behind firework displays.He'll demonstrate how to create colours, different sound effects, shock waves and perfectly timed bursts in time to music, whilst ensuring that displays are safe. Fully customisable to fit your...

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