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Ermington Primary School

After the designs were finished (See previous post), my Year 2 children made their own space shuttles  with cardboard tubes. I was amazed that so many of them took such an interest in shuttles, so as an extension, we learnt about SRBs and rockets too.




Winter (writing display for EYFS)

Our 3D display is under the theme of winter. This display incorperates work from all EYFS pupils (nursery and reception). It shows progression from nursery pupils mark making and drawing recognisable pictures to reception pupils wriitng words and sentnences about the winter. We learnt about the weather and as a...


Art & Design - Year 6 Inspired by Kandinsky

 Currently in Year 6 we have been looking at colour and the work of Wassily Kandinsky the Russian artist. Kandinsky believed that true artists could express their inner feelings through lines, shapes and colour. He felt all colours and forms had meaning and carefully planned each painting to express the...


Uphill Primary School-South West

Children in Foundation/Year One were given the challenge of designing a new character from our book, Beegu. They had to create new aliens from space. 

They had to think about the features their alien might have, googly eyes, how many arms and legs.

 I think you can agree, they look...


STEM Club - Science Hunters Minecraft Club for children with autism

At Science Hunters we run a regular Minecraft Club for children on the ASD spectrum. We introduce a science topic then challenge them to build something related in Minecraft. This week, to celebrate Healthy Heart month, we learned all about the heart, blood and circulatory system before creating some amazing...


Scottish Primary Teachers

I would lke to find out how many Scottish primary teachers there are using this site and how you get on with it.  I have been struggling with everything being matched to the English curriculum despite the STEM centre being national!  I am able to make use of the resources and adapt these to my needs but...


pre primary

We decorated our room pre primary students.


EO Detective Colouring book support materials now wavailable

Hello everyone

The colouring book and the materials to support its use have now been uploaded here. (If you've no idea what I'm talking about, have a look at our blog.)

Please have a look and share your coloured-in versions with @EODetective on Twitter – or have a go at the version...


Polar Explorers- Plastic Art Project: Thorpe Hall Primary School.

As part of our Polar Explorers topic. The pupils worked on using plastic waste materials to form their own art work highlighting the issues of Plastic pollution in our oceans. We watched accompanying videos and discussed the impact on plastic on our environment. The children were very engaged and used glue guns to...