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Creative Computing with Scratch

This resource from the MIT team where Scratch originated consists of a teacher guide and student workbook. The teacher guide begins with the very basics, for those who have never used the programming environment. Using videos and hands-on activities, you will gain confidence and explore how to use Scratch with your...
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This heat regulating clothing has a secret ingredient: bacteria.

High performance sports clothing is big business. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are willing to spend big money on garments that can help improve athletic performance by improving comfort, keeping the body cool/warm or helping with recovery. Well, athletes may soon be able to get a helping hand from an...


BBC micro:bit

For teachers using the BBC micro:bit in the classroom, this group is the place to share ideas, resources, links and news. 

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Raising attainment in Literacy through the use and creation of short film

This is a wonderful opportunity for any Year 5 teachers in the North England to develop their technology understanding and skills to make Literacy lessons engaging and exciting.

The cost of this project would normally be in excess of £1000 per school but this has been subsidised by BFI, CapeUk and Into...


Ermington Primary School

After the designs were finished (See previous post), my Year 2 children made their own space shuttles  with cardboard tubes. I was amazed that so many of them took such an interest in shuttles, so as an extension, we learnt about SRBs and rockets too.




Teaching sentence structure? Try making your own grammar video!

Whether you are a budding Steven Spielberg, or a complete beginner with the camera, sentence filming is a great way of using film for teaching grammar in an engaging way.The concept?Choose which aspect of grammar you are going to work on, for example relative clauses, create your sentence and draw its meaning in two...

Burning questions display board (learning board)

The purpose of it is for the pupils to write a 'burning question' on a post-it note and place it onto the board. The question could be about the topic they are learning or just something that they are curious about, the pupil could also write a question he or she knows the answer to or a question they don...


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

My Year 5 class have been studying Charlie And The Chocolate Factory this half term to go with our Chocolate topic!We started by making lollipops using: paper plates, tissue paper, card and straws which were adding to create a falling from the sky and growing from the group effec.We then made 3D sweets from...


Slip End Village School

In Art, Year 5 used Space as inspiration for their Scratch Images during their Wall Art unit of work. This brought the content into the 21st century, as scratching images onto walls is one of the earliest forms of art; it can be seen in places like the Colusseum in Rome where gladiators would record their...


Winter (writing display for EYFS)

Our 3D display is under the theme of winter. This display incorperates work from all EYFS pupils (nursery and reception). It shows progression from nursery pupils mark making and drawing recognisable pictures to reception pupils wriitng words and sentnences about the winter. We learnt about the weather and as a...