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Creative Computing with Scratch

This resource from the MIT team where Scratch originated consists of a teacher guide and student workbook.

The teacher guide begins with the very basics, for those who have never used the programming environment. Using videos and...

Publication date:
2010 to date

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Designer’s Fiesta 2015 – learn, meet, party

Join Academy Class at Designer’s Fiesta this September 18th.Now in its 6th year, Designer’s Fiesta is a celebration of design and technology in the world’s creative capital: London. This year will feature over 25 talks on the latest design trends and topics, delivered by over 15 well known and influential...

This heat regulating clothing has a secret ingredient: bacteria.

High performance sports clothing is big business. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are willing to spend big money on garments that can help improve athletic performance by improving comfort, keeping the body cool/warm or helping with recovery. Well, athletes may soon be able to get a helping hand from an...


Electronic booking system for loaning equipment - Help & advice appreciated

Can anyone help one of our colleagues with advice or experiences on the best electronic booking system for equipment? 

I am aware of several systems, Connect2 (Lorenbergs) and Softlink to name  just two

 Anyone able to help at all?  - please respond on here initially



Petition calling for expressive arts to be included in the EBacc

There is currently a petition on the parliament website calling for expressive arts to be included in the EBacc. The campaign, which has been backed by the D&T Association and the Bacc for the Future campaign, has so far received over 100,000 signatures and is going to be debated in Parliament on Monday 4 July at...

Running Blu-ray Software on a Mac

Hi Everyone, 

We are trying to find/purchase Mac compatible Blu-ray software that will function with the ability to access menu functions. Our film & television students need to submit a Blu-Ray but currently only have very limited option to review the disc. We are having the problem of...


Psychology of Attraction - Who do we like and Why?

A workshop plan and resources backed up by notes of related scientific studies that were developed by Cinelive and Professor Viren Swami of Anglia Ruskin University.

These were delivered as part of 'What's the Grey Matter with Gregory?', an immersive arts/science project delivered across the UK in 2015/2016...

Publication date:
13 June 2016

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Attracting Hormones - What and Who do we like?

A series of resources developed by Cinelive alongside Professor Dave Hornby of the University of Sheffield, Professor Frank Hucklebridge of the University of Westminster and Professor John Wass of Oxford University.

These resources provide the opportunity for a group to explore the history of our...

Publication date:
13 June 2016

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HEaTED NNATs Event Leeds College of Art - 15th June 2016

What a brilliant day!

I very much enjoyed meeting everyone and wanted to set up a discussion topic for those who attended this first NNATs event. Many of you indicated you would like to keep in touch and continue discussions, this is the place to do that.

Please also take a look through the other...


Coffee and questioning at Leeds College of Arts

Daniel Jagger, Senior Technical Officer, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin UniversityI’m not a morning person and waking for my trip to Leeds for the National Network of Arts Technicians (NNATs) event on 15 June 2016 seemed overwhelming, as I rushed to make the 6am train to take me there. However, this feeling...