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Baccilus Subtilis or not?

I inherited a slope culture claiming to be Baccilus subtilis but I have my doubts.

I have created my own slope cultures and agar plate. A photo of these are attached.

The life is green and fuzzy.

Would someone advise whether this is definatley NOT B.s, could be or might be?

Maybe it is...


Rocket Science at Hillmead Primary School

Hillmead Primary Gardening Club took part in the Rocket Science Experiment which saw rocket salad seeds spend time in space with astronaut Tim Peake. We took care planting the seeds and watching them grow, noting down how they were growing. In addition we learnt all about space travel with Tim Peake by following...


Health & Safety Display

A way to display Health & Safety Posters created by students in the classroom.  Similar style could be used for a range of subjects.  


Woods Display

A display showing the basic information on different types of wood.  I also stuck examples of each type of wood to the display after. 


Artist/Designer Inspiration

A display I created to inspire students in their choice of artist/designer for their clock project. 


Tools Bunting

Bunting flags that i created, printed and laminated and hung up in my classroom to display a wide range of the tools used in the workshop.  I printed each flag A3 in size so that they could be clearly read and make an impact in the classroom.


Pump up the volume - Sound display

This term our topic - pump up the volume has been taught by us learning about how sound is made, travels and how we hear. We have also made our own instruments from junk and  created our own songs using GarageBand after learning about how instruments make sounds and how to alter pitch and volume. I...


Chapter House 'Space Learning Journey'

This display, our 'Space Learning Journey' shows the journey our school took on the ISS to mirror Tim Peake's own journey. It shows minaturised versions of our space investigations: ‘Lift Off!’ – Launching Bottle Rockets;  Surviving in Space - Testing Space Suit Materials;...


Countess Gytha Primary School

We have had a really successful Space Club!

Session 1&2 Children explored the universe through making models of the solar system.

We were really impressed with their work.

Take a look at our photo, to see their success!!


Countess Gytha Primary School

Space Club...Session 3

We had fun creating rockets from junk modelling.  Some of us used a photo of the  'Saturn 6' to model our rockets on.

The best part was when we had finished, we launched them using an 'air pad' to see whose rocket reached the greatest heights!!! We are...