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Vacancy: Automotive Technician

Do you want to lead the support for our combustion engine test facility? Are you a specialist in automotive technology, including test bed facilities, dynamometer instrumentation and engine management software?

We are looking for a professional and proactive individual to join our team and support teaching,...


Vacancy: Engineering Technician

Do you want to help support our students in both teaching and research engineering areas? Are you an engineering technician looking for a new and varied challenge as part of one of the leading Engineering Schools in the country?  Do you want to make a difference to world class teaching and research activities...


Baccilus Subtilis or not?

I inherited a slope culture claiming to be Baccilus subtilis but I have my doubts.

I have created my own slope cultures and agar plate. A photo of these are attached.

The life is green and fuzzy.

Would someone advise whether this is definatley NOT B.s, could be or might be?

Maybe it is...


Plastics Display

A display showing students the different types and uses of plastics. 


Pinterest Style Display

A Pinterest Inspired display to help give students ideas/starting points for a wooden puzzle project.  Similar idea could be used for any themed project.


Artist/Designer Inspiration

A display I created to inspire students in their choice of artist/designer for their clock project. 


Fibres Display

A display showing a range of different fibres used.  I also stuck samples of the fibres/sources (e.g. silk cocoon, etc) to the board. 


Women in Science

We created a board to promote Women in Science using photographs of women in the science industry. There is a description of the inspiring work that the women in the main photograph do. There are also other posters to show the different types of jobs that you can have with STEM qualifications. We hope this will...


Physics Display - Scales of the Universe (Powers of Ten)

A general physics display with examples of physics from the smallest to the largest scales. Photos and powerpoint with all pictures used included!


Food Provenance

This display was created by a colleague who unfortuantly is off at the moment so I'm entering on her behalf.  It's for the new Food and Nutrition AQA course. The resource materials are the AQA Food Preparation & Nutrition Course Work book for the GCSE Food Provenance subject.  This course is...