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Welcome to the Secondary D&T  Resources group

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Teaching Computing in Secondary Schools

The community for all computing teachers in secondary schools. This is the place to:

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Physical Computing and Robotics

For teachers, enthusiasts and providers of physical computing and robotics.

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Computing Conference with CAS Regional Centre for Yorkshire and Humber

This year's STEM computing conference is set to be bigger and better than ever. By bringing together primary, secondary and post-16 computing educators we will create a melting pot of ideas and provide something for everyone.

Watch this space for confirmed sessions as we draw closer to the conference on...


micro:bit - don't miss out!

It's been a while in coming, that's fair to say. However, sometime over the coming term a wonderful free device will be gifted to all Y7 students (S1 in Scotland) in your school.

It'll be like Christmas all over again!

Only for students in up to 35% of schools, currently, it'...


Farmtech National STEM Competition

How can we check if agricultural crops have enough water remotely?

Is there a way of keeping farmers, their families and walkers safe on farming land?

The Farm Tech Challenge UK is a STEM challenge for students aged between 11 – 19 years.

The challenge is open until the 23rd of...


Virtual blood flow: mapping the circulatory system

Researchers have developed a highly accurate 3D computer simulation of the human circulatory system. The software will hopefully be used to see how different medical treatments could affect the circulatory system as a whole.

The simulation was initially built from a high resolution scan from a single person...


Cracking puzzles

Recently I was fortunate to attend a Royal Institution mathematics masterclass in York for high achieving year 9 students. The workshop used this cryptic challenge resource to explore different methods of concealing the meaning of secret messages. Our Royal Institution collection contains a range of...


Enthuse Partnership Awards - supporting development of computing in school clusters

We have just opened applications for the ENTHUSE Partnership Awards which are grants for a group of up to eight schools to work collaboratively to support the development of professional expertise in science and other STEM subjects and thus raise standards and close the achievement gap between groups of students....


After school Computing / Technology Clubs

I'm trying to draw up a number of club type activities hoping to excite students and draw together aspects of Computing and Technology.  The idea being to give an experience of 'physical computing'.  Any thoughts on these proposals?  What do you do successfully?

Year Seven: Crumble...