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Curious Cells

Year 7 students have made a display board to display work about cells and how it links to studies across the curriculum.  On it are samples of students work from years 7, 9 and 10 along with photographs of cells and information about magnification (supporting numeracy) and resolution taken from the...


Baccilus Subtilis or not?

I inherited a slope culture claiming to be Baccilus subtilis but I have my doubts.

I have created my own slope cultures and agar plate. A photo of these are attached.

The life is green and fuzzy.

Would someone advise whether this is definatley NOT B.s, could be or might be?

Maybe it is...


Women in Science

We created a board to promote Women in Science using photographs of women in the science industry. There is a description of the inspiring work that the women in the main photograph do. There are also other posters to show the different types of jobs that you can have with STEM qualifications. We hope this will...


Periodic Table

Year 8 made posters of the first 28 elements of the Periodic Table. They had to include all important information regarding each element. We then arranged them in the shape of the Periodic Table with a bit of creative tweaking to get them all on the board!!


Physics Display - Scales of the Universe (Powers of Ten)

A general physics display with examples of physics from the smallest to the largest scales. Photos and powerpoint with all pictures used included!


Application of STEM - Engaging Year 7

A display which covers the main STEM Cross Curricular projects in Year 7 at the King's School, Pontefract. Physical examples of each project outcome are shown, as well as images. The key links to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are highlighted. The display is used with new year 7s to engage them at...


Pokemon! Evolution, Adaptation and Classification

This display uses pokemon to help explain the biological topics of Evolution, Adaptation and Classification. In the game Pokemon go, Pokemon evolve, are adapated to their surrondings and are classifified into groups depending on their powers and abilities. I have used this to relate Pokemon to science and...


Poster and worksheets to support teaching about plant disease

If you're teaching about plant diseease for the first time at GCSE, here's a great resource to get you started. 

The poster ‘The Never-Ending Battle for Fortress Plant’ illustrates ideas about plant defences against pathogens. It depicts the plant as a fortress which is defended against invading...


Computer-Based Maths - Free webinar to find out more... is a UK company devoted to fixing the mathematics curriculum by assuming students have access to computers for the computation part of the problem-solving process. We are running a free virtual workshop on January 11th at 4pm GMT to introduce teachers to CBM and some of the free resources...


2017 The year iSTEM+ takes off

As 2016 draws to a close here is a short review of recent events and a look forward to the New Year