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BBC micro:bit

For teachers using the BBC micro:bit in the classroom, this group is the place to share ideas, resources, links and news. 

Resources - Secondary Mathematics

Welcome to the Secondary Mathematics Resource group.

Physical Computing and Robotics

For teachers, enthusiasts and providers of physical computing and robotics.


The iSTEM+ model brings together commercial organisations with schools, colleges and academies as a hub within a local community.  The network is open to institutions which educ

The Ultimate STEM Challenge

If you are taking part in this year’s Ultimate STEM Challenge, you can use this group to share your ideas, resources and experiences with other teachers.  How have you introduce

Classroom Displays - Secondary

In this group you can share your classroom display and ideas. By doing so you can help to inspire others and hopefully save them some time!

Please include:

Mathematics 16 to 19

Welcome to the Mathematics 16 to 19 group.