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Why I love Chicks with Bricks

Today the wonderfully named ‘Chicks with Bricks’ – a group celebrating women in construction roles and industries – are having a celebration event.Unfortunately I can’t make it this time but I went to one not so long ago, meeting a vast range of women, and men, working on major and not so major projects, and all with great stories to tell. It was a...

What are you planning for ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers Week’?

Whilst some are counting down the days until the half term break, hundreds of teachers from across the country are busy preparing to start their first week back with a bang (and it’s got nothing to do with fireworks!).From 2 – 6 November it’s ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers Week‘, a brilliant opportunity to show your students what being an engineer is all about.Why...

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Getting more girls into engineering? It’s doesn’t have to be that difficult – just do the maths!

Whisper it quietly – I’m sure many in engineering circles won’t like me saying this – but I was delighted to spot an article in last week’s London’s Evening Standard highlighting the innovative approach taken by the Engineering Department at University College London in attracting girls to take up Civil Engineering degrees.The best thing is it doesn’t...

STEM Learning Magazine: Post-16 and FE - Spring 2016

Under the banner of Building a successful network, Dr Katherine Forsey and Sue Churm consider how to create a technical network and how to get the most from it, Jenny Phillips explores the challenges FE practitioners face and Ed Walsh explains what the teacher recognition scheme has to offer.Mathematics Specialist...
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Efforts to increase students’ interest in STEM studies and careers: National measures taken by 30 countries, 2015 report

This publication is the latest in a series of reports about national efforts to increase students’ interest in pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies and careers.  The report is the result of an analysis of country responses to a survey launched in the summer of 2015, addressing...
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Gravitational waves detected for the first time

Yesterday, the Ligo Collaboration announced that they have detected gravitational waves from colliding black holes.  These waves were first predicted by Einstein, in his Theory of General Relativity, 100 years ago.  Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time caused by the movement of mass.  They are...

Hinge-point questions (HPQs) shared by learners on the Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching course

These hinge-point questions (HPQs - or more accurately, attempts at writing HPQs) were collected during Weeks 3 and 4 of past runs of the free online Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching course led by Dylan William, Chris Harrison and Andrea Mapplebeck.HPQs are a particular case of diagnostic...
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16 December 2016

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National Women in Engineering Day

National Women in Engineering Day is designed to raise the profile of women in engineering taking place this year on 23 June. Last year's National Women in Engineering Day  involved over 400 organisations, schools, colleges, universities, industry bodies and individual engineers all over the world uniting in the...

IMechE release new report on engineering education

According to a new report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), a major rethink about the role of schools and colleges is needed to promote engineering.Supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IMechE’s report 'Big Ideas: the future of engineering in schools' represents the view of...