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  • How polluted

    This field study resource pack encourages students to act as environmental scientists to assess the ‘health’ of a heathland habitat. The resource contains three separate activities that students can complete, depending on the time


  • Air pressure

    This is a linked pair of demonstrations which show how pressure differences give rise to forces. In particular, they show how large forces can arise when atmospheric pressure is unbalanced.

  • Solar tornadoes

    This resource uses the context of tornadoes in the solar atmosphere to investigate circular motion and energy changes. A hole is drilled in the bottom of a washing up bowl and orange pith can be used to track the motion of the water.

  • Ice Cream no freezer

    This Catalyst article describes how to make ice cream using a mixture of ice and salt, without the need of a freezer. Detailed instructions and an explanation of how it works is included.

  • Tropisms

    How do plants grow in space? In this short activity, students use recently published research into plant behaviour, conducted on the International Space Station, to investigate tropisms.

  • I'm a worm

    Get me out of here!

    These resources allow students to explore natural selection using different coloured baits (spaghetti ‘worms’) that are selected and eaten by birds.

  • Stuck in the mud

    Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource looks at the problem of launching RNLI lifeboats from different types of terrain in all kinds of weather. Linked to work on forces, shape and space and design and technology

  • Lilac fire

    This demonstration of a redox reaction. The reaction causes a lilac flame, which is best viewed in a darkened room. Mixing glycerol with potassium permanganate (VII) causes an exothermic reaction.

  • About STEM Practical

    This web page has been developed as part of a programme of projects funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation aimed at strengthening science practical work in secondary schools and colleges.

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    Any use of a resource that includes a practical activity must include a risk assessment. Please note that collections may contain archive resources. Further information is provided in our Health and Safety guidance.