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Careers in clinical drug trials

This interesting set of short videos from the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, highlight the various jobs involved in the production of a new drug. None of the roles described are science laboratory research roles, but cover the various careers in the management of clinical drug trials, showing how being a...

Courier Service

This Courier Service traveling salesperson activity is recommended as an additional resource when teaching the traveling salesperson problem. Students are  required to determine and interpret upper bounds, lower bounds and consider real-world factors that may influence the problem.

Save Earth

This Save Earth resource presents a critical path analysis problem. It is designed to be used as an additional resource and fun example when teaching critical path analysis. Students are required to interpret and communicate solutions in the context of the original problem, understand, interpret and extract...

Separation Science

This activity, from the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, is a video supported by pupil activities.

In the first part of the video the importance of separating substances using everyday examples is discussed and the techniques that can be used. This is then extended to explain why separation techniques...

Bench to Bedside

This resource looks at how drugs are developed in the lab and then the stages that have to happen before they can be used by doctors on patients.

The video, hosted by Amy and Ksenia who both work for Roche, introduces knowledge and activities covering 3 main areas. 

The first part explains how...

Developing Medicines

This activity looks at how pathogens are prevented from entering the body, and how diseases are spread. The session is introduced via video by Jarbinder and Anna who both work for Roche.

The resource includes:

An activity to show how quickly diseases can be spread and how the spread of a...

Super Science - For Groups With Special Needs

The activities in this pack have been designed for use with children who have difficulty following instructions given purely in text and may have difficulties remembering a series of verbal instructions.

The activities cover a mixture of topics including: magnets, forces, light, states of matter and sound....

3D Shapes and nets

The curriculum aims of this resource are:

  • To be able to identify and name common 3D shapes
  • To be able to identify and name features of 3D shapes such as vertices, edges and sides
  • To be able to name and identify the nets of common 3D shapes

Vocabulary covered in this...

Types of Angles

The curriculum objectives covered by this resource are:

  • To identify and name different types of angles
  • To know and recall vocabulary associated with different types of angles
  • To identify and recall the...


The curriculum objectives covered by this resource are:

  • To be able to compare fractions and determine if they are equal where denominators are not common
  • To be able to compare fractions and determine if they are greater or smaller
  • To be able to justify answers



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