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Design a food temperature probe

Learners will create a prototype food temperature probe using the micro:bit. The product must be able to provide a warning when the food is too cold to eat.

Food Security and Sustainability

This resource supports teachers to deliver the Security and Sustainability units within the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE. The material is suitable for all awarding body requirements and is presented in Power Point presentation and student activity sheet.



Allergy information

This collection of posters and leaflets, provided by the Food Standards Agency, provides information about food allergies.  They would be useful for anyone dealing with food, including teachers and other adults who are running cookery clubs or who are teaching cookery in school.

Elevator pitch lesson: QR code research activity

Students create an A4 informative presentation about information from QR codes linked to websites

Food safety and kofta practical


To understand the food safety principles when preparing, cooking and serving food

To know how to correctly use a food probe

To understand how to prevent cross contamination

•Activity: To make notes of all the possible areas that could contaminate food whilst...

Handwashing and food safety activity

Powerpoint, activity and kahoot followed by an exam question

• To understand the food safety principles when buying and storing food

• To know and apply key temperatures

• To understand the different sources of bacterial contamination

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