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Out of the box

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Missing the...

Understanding psychology: the BBC prison study

In this DVD, Alex Haslam and Steve Reicher give a comprehensive account of their reworking of Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison study, conducted over 30 years earlier. The DVD includes loads of footage of the actual study and there are some interesting extras dealing with social identity theory, ethics, data sources and...

Understanding psychology 2: Mental Disorder

This DVD starts with two case studies of depression and anxiety, and then moves on to different theoretical perspectives. Firstly, the medical model in terms of history, assumptions, treatments and evaluation. Next, the psychological model’s underlying assumptions with an illustration of anxiety being treated with...

Understanding Psychology 1: Perspectives on Psychology

This DVD explores the nature of psychology in the context of the biological, psychodynamic and behavioural perspectives. It covers the key points of each approach, applications and various evaluation issues. Pitched just right for A-level students, it is both succinct and lively. The running time is 38 minutes.

Critical Issues 5: Obedience and Ethics

This DVD promotes awareness of the ethical issues raised by conducting research. Not surprisingly, Stanley Milgram’s obedience research features prominently. The running time is 30 minutes.

Critical Issues 3: Stress Management

This DVD is structured around stress counselling to help reduce stress amongst the teaching staff in a school, the nature of stress and the negative consequences of excessive stress exposure is explored. Stress management in terms of behavioural, cognitive and organisational strategies is also covered. The running...

Critical Issues 2: Day Care

This DVD discusses Bowlby’s theory of attachment, the Strange Situation as a method of measuring attachment and the possible effects of day care on children’s emotional. cognitive and social development. The running time is 30 minutes.

Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Guaranteed to stimulate critical thinking and discussion, the film features archival footage, flashbacks, post-experiment interviews with the prisoners and guards, and comparisons with real prisons. It documents the surprise arrests by city police and vividly shows the pathology that developed among participants,...

Psychology live: exploring qualitative methods

This film gives a thorough insight into the issues relevant to collecting and using qualitative data. A great resource for introducing, summarising and revising this wide ranging topic.

Psychology live: cognitive psychology - perception - the theories

This best-selling UK Series is the perfect way to bring textbooks to life using relevant footage to illustrate key psychological theories and thinking.


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