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Environmental consultant

Sujith's job as an environmental consultant enables him to make a difference and improve our environment. He consults on how to lessen air quality issues, noise pollution, green house gases and climate change.

Traffic control engineer

Kamlah Kew focuses on traffic lights - designing the layout, changing timings and checking the signals work properly. Tomorrow’s Engineers spoke to Kamlah and she told us about how she loves combining her creative and practical skills to make a difference to people’s lives every day.

Project engineer: Nestlé

Aoibheann is a project engineer and she works out how to put together or improve a production line to make great chocolate on a large scale. She tested Toffee Crisps to make sure they were right for consumers when she started at Nestlé before moving on to the coffee-making process, which is where she works now....

Manufacturing engineer: Rolls-Royce

Craig manufactures the components that go in Rolls-Royce’s powerful jet engines. He learned his trade on an apprenticeship, which he says was the ideal way to pick up the hands-on skills he uses in his job now.

Fire safety engineer

Rory Hadden investigates how fires ignite, spread and how they can be extinguished. This research is then used to save lives by creating safer buildings for us to live and work in.

Traffic maintenance engineer

Jennie is an apprentice Traffic Maintenance Engineer at Transport for London watching over London's traffic lights, signposts and junctions to keep everyone safe as they drive to work.


Civil engineer: Welsh Transport Consultancy

Engineers like Philippa use technology to help keep us safe and well-informed as we travel around the country’s roads. They’re installing cameras that measure traffic speed and watch out for accidents and hazards, or information boards that let you know when there’s a jam. They’re also planning the road network and...

Sports engineer

James and the team at the International Tennis Federation team design equipment to help beginners to pick up the techniques of the game easily. Their work also ensures that Murray, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all compete fairly and Wimbledon wins are down to talent, not racket-type!

Tomorrow’s Engineers took...

Rollercoaster engineer

Rollercoasters are an adrenaline rush, but did you know that it's engineers putting the thrills and chills into your favourite rides, as well as making sure they're safe to use? Tomorrow's Engineers took a trip to Thorpe Park to meet Ainsley James who told them more.

Sound engineer

What is it like to work as a globe-trotting sound engineer to the world's biggest pop band? Tomorrow's Engineers had a chat with David Martell to find out.


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