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Design engineer: building services

Senior Design Engineer Lee helps to make buildings as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Lee started out as an apprentice at NG Bailey, learning and applying engineering skills in work. He's now in his final year studying for a degree in building services engineering.


Freelance sound engineer

Eloise is the creative whizz engineering the sound behind radio drama. She needs to use technical recording equipment to make a play sound as realistic as possible, transporting the listener to Germany, Paris, a swimming pool, or wherever the play is set. Eloise dropped into Tomorrow's Engineers on her way to Radio...

Civil engineer: Thames Tideway Tunnel

Sue Hitchcock is a civil engineer working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a new engineering project which, along with the Lee Tunnel and upgrade of London's major sewage treatment works, will update London's Victorian sewer system to cope with the many millions more people now living and working in the capital.


Electronics engineer

Cadac makes sound desks and mixing consoles for exciting shows across the UK such as The Lion King and The Rolling Stones' tours . Glenn helps to design, write software for and test the mixing desks.

Structural engineer

Pete is a structural engineer who has worked on the impressive looking Velodrome, recently finished in Olympic Park, amongst other projects. Tomorrow’s Engineers spoke to Pete about the importance of fundamental maths and physics in making structures stand up and the excitement he feels when a new building goes up...

Apprentice construction engineer

Zavier is a 21 year old apprentice working on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium transformation project. Watch the video to find out what parts of the project Zavier works on, how he got into engineering and more.

Graduate engineer: McClaren

Chris joined McLaren's graduate programme four years ago. He now has a big input on the engineering of super-fast cars like the one in this video.

Civil engineer: South Wales Sports Grounds

Sean's mission to get more people engaged in playing sports. He helped develop a new artificial pitch which allows the community to use the pitch all year round with improved playability. It provides a great example of how engineering can widen access to people for sports facilities.

Managing director: Flood Protection Solutions

Simon is an engineer on a mission to reduce the flood risk across the UK. His projects include a pathfinder event to see what did and didn't work in the flood defence market, that later developed into supplying a Water Gate Barrier to a community.

Water and habitat engineer

CK's job is helping people under the impact of the conflict ongoing in Yemen. In Yemen, he is managing a water and sewer programme which requires lots of engineering skill and also project management skill.


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