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Future world

What does the future hold? From what we wear, how we get our energy and even what we eat—there’s always room for innovation. Exploring technology and its possible applications in the future, with an emphasis on sustainability. Many of the activities could contribute toward becoming an Eco School.

Movies and magic 9-11

Sometimes what looks like magic is actually science! In this programme, pupils will look at magic and movie tricks for inspiration and find out how it’s done. They explore how things are done to make movies look realistic, and investigate whether some of the themes or technology from the movies could be possible in...

Sounds Amazing

There’s sound and music all around us! This programme has pupils exploring the science of music and sound, creating music and instruments with a range of found objects, and even finding music in unlikely places.

The activities are introduced with a quick objective and a preparation guide. Individuals or...

Fact finders 7-9

The (fictional) show Fact Finders TV needs help from your STEM Club! The show explores common myths, crazy stories and possible pranks and is asking pupils to find out, ‘Is it really true?’ and ‘How could it work?’ Pupils will make their own models to test their ideas and draw conclusions so they can report back on...

Extreme Elements

Have you ever wondered about the earth’s wild and wonderful weather? Think you have what it takes to build an earthquake-proof house or survive in an extreme environment?

In this programme, pupils will make models to help them understand how weather and extreme events occur, and what their impact can be....

Animal adaptations

Looking at how animals have adapted to cope with all sorts of conditions. Exploring communication strategies, travel, camouflage and life in challenging settings, and the way humans can learn from animals.

Lesson 6 - Video evaluation

In this lesson, pupils will complete their video by removing unwanted content and reordering their clips. They will then export their finished video and evaluate the effectiveness of their edits. Finally, they will consider how they could share their video with others.

Learning objectives


Lesson 5 - Importing and editing video

In this lesson, pupils will film the remaining scenes of their video, and then import their content to video editing software. They will then explore key editing techniques and decide whether sections of their video can be edited or need to be shot again.

Learning objectives

  • To identify...

Lesson 4 - Planning a video

In this lesson, pupils will plan a video by creating a storyboard. Their storyboard will describe each scene, and will include a script, camera angles, and filming techniques. Pupils will use their storyboards to film the first scene of their videos.

Learning objectives

  • To create a...

Lesson 3 - Using a storyboard

In this lesson, pupils will use a storyboard to explore a variety of filming techniques, some of which they will use in their own video project later in the unit. They will evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques before offering feedback on others’ work.

Learning objectives

  • To...


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