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Plant disease practicals: investigating violet bramble rust

In this practical activity, students use magnification to examine leaves showing symptoms of a common plant disease and produce labelled drawings of the fungal spores.

The activity will help students to demonstrate the following learning outcomes at KS4:

  • describe a common plant disease...

A-level set practicals: factors affecting rates of photosynthesis

This updated version of the SAPS algal balls resource is designed to support the use of practicals across 2015 A-level biology specifications.

Students measure the rate of photosynthesis in comparison to the rate of respiration. Because of this, it is possible to determine the light intensity at which the...

A-level set practicals: TLC of plant photosynthetic pigments

This resource, from SAPS, supports the use of practicals across 2015 A-level biology specifications.


A-level set practicals: dissection and microscopy of a plant stem

This experiment provides a quick and eye-catching way to teach about the vascular tissue in plants and the structure of plant stems. It provides students with the opportunity to develop (and demonstrate) their scientific drawing skills as well as their use of a light microscope and eye-piece graticule.


A-level set practicals: using a potometer

This resource from SAPS supports the use of practicals across 2015 A level biology specifications.


Gene technologies article

This resource looks at the development of genetic modification, genome editing and CRISPR, and where these technologies might lead. 

New genetic engineering technologies offer exciting opportunities to speed up the traditional plant breeding process and generate high-yielding, disease-resistant, climate...

Epigenetics article

This article looks at epigenetics in plants.

Rooted to the spot, plants cannot run away from problems.  Instead,...

Online ecology three - abundance and random sampling at Waun Las nature reserve

In this resource from SAPS, students learn about random sampling, diversity and different measures of abundance, before looking at close-up photographs of quadrats and using the field guide to identify them. The resources are intended to help students develop skills and plant identification techniques before going...

Online ecology two - the distribution of species across a field

This online ecology practical, by SAPS, is designed to give students an opportunity to see how systematic sampling can be used to

  • investigate changes in species richness across a footpath
  • the distribution of species across a footpath

These online exercises are not intended as a...

Online ecology one - measuring abundance and random sampling on a footpath

This online ecology practical, from SAPS, uses random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on an area of grassland.


To give students practice at

  • using random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on an area of...


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