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The Road to Zero Hunger

The Action Against Stunting (AAS) p...

Do we favour fatty foods?

Video from the Big Picture issue on Fat, showing an experiment to discover if we favour fatty foods.

Inside STEM series

Have you ever wondered where the data from your fitness tracker goes or where all your medical test results are stored? Have you ever thought about what the data is used for?

The answer is….. it is all stored in one big lump called Big Data! Comparing this data, spotting patterns, and making predictions all...

Story of Anjali and Akbar ......a solution which saved a life (KS 2: properties and changes of materials)

 The true story of a safe and practical STEM Club Activity based on Oral Rehydration Therapy, which has saved millions of lives.  

Wild Bird's Cakes

We love food here at Xplore! Science Discovery Centre.  You know who else does?  Birds!  Use this sheet to help feed your feathered friends in the garden.  Included is a set of instructions and a recipe to create your very own bird feeder balls.


In this set of activities, students will learn about the different components of plants. They will learn which parts of well-known plants are edible and learn the difference between a vegetable, a fruit and a seed. The students will have to imagine and draw the plant associated with the fruit/vegetable/ seed they...

Energy of an astronaut

Since our mission was to be trained as astronauts, we decided to start from the beginning. We created a mission journal student logbook, in which each student started logging in the events he participated in and taking notes for all the interesting things he was learning during the week and in which ways he was...

Making Stone Age Cheese

These resources use the context of feasting at Stonehenge to consider aspects of food processing, food allergies and intolerance.  There are opportunities for students to:

  • make and test their own cottage cheese
  • to consider the effect of processing on lactose content of foods
  • to...

Protein - denaturation and coagulation - egg experiment

•Practical investigation: frying eggs
•Science theory lesson on eggs
•Activity: Egg Fact Sheet

High and low biological value protein theory and quiz

High and low biological value protein theory and quiz

High Biological Value protein practical: chicken ballotine, protein mindmap

High Biological Value protein practical: chicken ballotine, protein mindmap

Vitamins and minerals

lesson on vitamins and minerals


lesson on protein


lesson on healthy breakfast

Pasta bake and dairy lesson

Lesson looking at dairy foods and making a pasta bake


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