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Food Choice

This resource supports teachers in delivery of the Food Choice units within the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE. The resources are suitable for all awarding body requirements and are presented in a Power Point...

Is a vegan society a better society?

This resource explores what a vegan diet involves and considers the social and political implications of a vegan society. It is part of the collection of educational resources from The Economist Educational Foundation.

Session 1:

  • Explore different kinds of diets
  • Reflect...

Alternative protein practical

I run this as an assessed practical, students must choose their own recipe from and should change the protein for a vegetarian alternative.

Food packaging choices

Food packaging choices - lesson based on making the food packaging for cookies. 

Videos on food sensory analysis

A couple of videos which explain sensory analysis of foods

Alternative protein tasting activity

lesson to understand the about alternative proteins through sensory analysis, research and a tasting activity of alternative proteins

Elevator pitch lesson: QR code research activity

Students create an A4 informative presentation about information from QR codes linked to websites

A video about food additives

A video about food additives

quiche and standard components

lesson on quiche and standard components

Processed foods - chicken nuggets and burgers

Processed foods - chicken nuggets and burgers.  Lesson on taste testing and comparing premade vs homemade chicken nuggets. 


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