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Student-led STEM Clubs - Handbook 2019

A useful handbook for setting up a student-led STEM club, with exemplars from three schools.

It is increasingly recognised that giving students opportunities to act as ambassadors and mentors for STEM subjects outside of school can be of great benefit to the individual, their institution, and to the broader...

The Adventures of Lily and Bubble

 I have created 'The Adventures of Lily and Bubble'. A series of videos for children about engineering.
I have partnered with Susanna Boccaccio and Brilliant Trees Media, an award winning production company to produce the videos. 
Lily is an ordinary girl that wants to be an engineer. She discovers the...

Global Project Ideas

Global project ideas provide an excellent starting point for pupils wanting to do a project based on Global issues, whether as part of the CREST Awards Scheme;  as an extended project for their Duke of Edinburgh Award or A level, or as part of the Children’s University Passport.

Each of the five Global...

Beat the Flood STEM challenge

In this resource, students use their STEM skills to help them design and build a model of a flood- proof house. Activities to help them with their design include testing materials (for strength and absorbency) and structures. Set on a fictitious island coping with the devastating effects of flooding caused by...

How I take measurements in civil engineering

Sarah is an apprentice civil engineer, in this Discover STEM video she talks about the different ways that she takes measurements when inspecting structures, including a measuring wheel, caliper, tape measure and laser measure.

Lesson 7 - Mission to Mars

This activity provides a cross-curricular opportunity, mixing computing, design technology and science in the context of designing a Mars rover. Children consider the requirements of a Mars rover and create criteria for the design. They design their rovers then evaluate them and re-design them, modeling the process...

6R's explained *suitable for home teaching*

These resources consist of a presentation and activity sheets to support design and technology students aged 14-16. It helps students to gain knowledge and understanding of sustainable development and the use of precious resources. The 6 R's are:

  • Rethink: what could be done differently?
  • Refuse...

Rover and instrument design

This activity will introduce students to mission and instrumentation design for Mission to Mars. This worksheet allows students to undertake the task of designing a rover mission to Mars. Students will have to meet the provided mission requirements, maximise scientific return and manage mission budgets. This...

Rover and instrument design

This activity allows pupils to gain an understanding of the different requirements for rover and instrument design. This resources links topics in engineering, design, physics and technology. 
It may be possible to receive a build your own spectometer kit for your school.  Please use the contact details...

How I use technical drawings to evaluate nuclear safety

Christine is a Nuclear Safety Inspector for the Office for Nuclear Regulation. Christine inspects nuclear licensed sites and influences safety and sustainable improvements at nuclear installations. In this Discover STEM video Christine provides examples of how technical drawings are used to evaluate the safety of...


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