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When Disaster Strikes Activity Pack

When Disaster Strikes is an event aimed to be run for 3.5 hours. It is most suitable for secondary school students from Year 7 to Year 11 – the difficulty can be altered to suit the age group. Students are to be split into groups of 5 (no less than 4 and no more than 6 in a group).

In the activity, the...

Stem Ambassador Spotlight Profile

My Stem Ambassdor Spotlight

Profiles and profiling: a practical introduction

Provides practical help to those embarking upon the challenge of introducing student profiles into their school or college.

What's worth fighting for in headship?

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Headteachers are in the midst of ever increasing demands, overload and imposition on schools by political forces at all levels...

How to coach: coaching yourself and your team to success


Great managers do more than manage their teams. They coach their teams to top performance. They help everyone get better at what they do, improving productivity, boosting motivation and sharing...

Leaders eat last: why some teams pull together and others don't


Imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go to work. This is not a crazy, idealised notion. In many successful organisations, great leaders are creating environments in which...

Teaching leadership: an integrative approach


Teaching Leadership provides guidance for leadership educators in a variety of organizational and community contexts and across academic disciplines. An experienced leadership educator, Crosby...

School for the community: a grammar school reorganizes

 a grammar school reorganizes

This is a first hand account of how an old-established County Grammar School was transformed into a completely new Upper School and Community College in the Leicestershire system. ...

Transforming schools for the future? A collection of provocation papers

The report on the Building Schools for the Future programme made by the House of Commons Select Committee raises a series of issues and challenges. This paper focuses on the need to specify what education in the 21st century should be like and, moreover, how new technologies can act as a driver for transformational...

Phat controller: a leadership handbook


The techniques discussed will help generate the confidence required to utterly transform a business.

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