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Where Does Your Money Go?

In this activity from stats4schools, students investigate how families spend their money by using a Family Spending report. Students plot appropriate graphs using ICT, interpret data from tables and graphs and understand where the average family spend their money including looking at the cost of living. Students...

Doing the Housework

In this activity from stats4schools, students investigate the gender differences when it comes to household chores. Students interpret information from tables and graphs, manipulate data, research gender stereotypes and formulate arguments for discussion. They will need internet access to conduct their own research...

Jedi - the New Religion

In this resource from stats4schools, students are asked if they believe in 'the Force'. One of the questions on the 2001 census asked people about their religion. Some people did put Jedi as a response on their census form and the Office for National Statistics have released this data. Students investigate this...

Does the Popularity of Getting Married Change over Time?

In this resource from stats4schools, students are asked to consider whether the popularity of getting married has changed over time. Students interpret a time series graph and answer questions on it and discuss qualities for a good marriage. They investigate further using the internet.

Safety in the Sun

In this resource from stats4schools, students are asked to investigate if they are at risk from the sun by looking at a news article and using a dataset. Students process data and produce graphs using ICT, comprehend current information on a subject and synthesise this for others. They also use the internet to...

Tourism in London

This resource from stats4schools focuses on which attractions in London are the most popular using data from the National Tourist Board covering the years 1994 to 2001. Students can interpret information from tables, manipulate data, investigate tourism and plan a visit to London.

The resource includes a...

Watching the Goggle Box

Using this resource from stats4schools, students investigate TV viewing habits by interpreting data and graphs, manipulating data to answer questions and draw conclusions.

The resource includes a lesson plan, datasheet, questions sheet and dataset.

Discussing Data Supplementary Materials

These supplementary materials for discussing data contain full colour versions of the graphs and diagrams for all the activities in the Discussing Data Activity Book. The graphs and diagrams are split into the six areas described in the book .


Benchmarks for Primary Schools

This document, published by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education), provides guidance to primary schools on the resources needed to carry out practical work, to ensure that all children receive a well-rounded science education. The benchmarks show the levels of resourcing that SCORE considers necessary to...

Nuffield Chemistry: Book of Data

This Nuffield Chemistry Data Book contains the following sections:

Section 1: Basic information
Table 1.1 Selected...


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