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Making bubbles

Inspired by the Born to Engineer video from Dr Eleanor Stride, an engineer who is developing a treatment for cancer that encloses cancer-treating drugs in bubbles, this resource supports students to increase their understanding of engineering in a food science context, looking at how bubbles are formed, through...

Is a vegan society a better society?

This resource explores what a vegan diet involves and considers the social and political implications of a vegan society. It is part of the collection of educational resources from The Economist Educational Foundation.

Session 1:

  • Explore different kinds of diets
  • Reflect...

Patterns Unplugged: Reusing Recipes Activity

This 'unplugged' activity introduces pattern recognition and the idea that algorithms can be repurposed. Cooking recipes are analysed to find parts that are common to more than one. Reusable parts are then borrowed to create new recipes which the children share with the class. Additional teacher guidance is given,...

The Great British Space Dinner - Secondary Resource

The Great British Space Dinner Challenge contains nine lessons:

Lesson 1: All Aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Sets the scene with a brief introduction the ISS and the Great British Space Dinner Challenge. Students develop a brochure about the ISS suitable for...

Cooking session 3: brilliant baking

This Licence to Cook practical session introduces students to the safe use of the oven, as well as consolidating the use of other pieces of equipment. During this session, students make either fruity flapjacks or tropical granola bars. These recipes have been chosen as they use the oven and/or the hob and require...

Pesticides and Food

In this SATIS Revisited resource, students examine data, perform a risk assessment, and see how risks are sometimes reported in the media.

This unit focuses on the consumer and considers whether or not we should be concerned about any pesticide residues that may be found on fruit and vegetables. In the first...

Baker's Haven

This Licence to Cook practical session is about the production of bread based products, with students making either Dinner rolls or Pesto pizza or Finnish fruit plait. There is scope for students to be creative, selecting different types of ingredients that could be combined into the dishes. The writing frames can...

Protecting Tutorial 1

This Licence to Cook tutorial is about being safe and hygienic when buying, carrying and storing food. The differentiated slides cover:

• Looking at the quality of food when shopping
• Storing food, including the use of the fridge and freezer
• Date marks
• Preparing the kitchen

Protecting Tutorial 2

This Licence to Cook tutorial follows on from the Protecting Tutorial 1 and investigates further the inportance of being safe and hygienic when preparing food. The differentiated slides cover:

• Preparing raw ingredients
• Cleaning work surfaces
• Cooking thoroughly
• Covering food and safe...

Shopping Tutorial 1

This Licence to Cook tutorial is about ensuring value for money when shopping. The differentiated slides cover:

• Planning ahead
• Adapting recipes
* Considering the requirements of those you will be catering for
• How to save money and budget effectively
• Comparing foods in a...


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