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Exercise, Energy and Movement

Produced by the Wellcome Trust, this issue of the Big Picture looks at the physiology and sociology of exercise and movement. For humans, movement is for more than just basic survival. They move for fun, to compete and to be healthy. This resource looks at the biological systems that keep humans moving and...

Immune System

This resource looks at several aspects of the immune system including:

  • The non-specific immune response
  • Specific immune response and antigen recognition
  • T cells and B cells
  • Autoimmune disease and allergic responses •
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Long term immunity...

The X Bacteria

In this practical protocol students investigate one way in which bacteria acquire antibiotic resistance through conjugation - horizontal gene transfer from one bacterial strain or species to another.

Plasmid-mediated evolution is fast because whole functional ‘modules’ are lost and gained, rather than the...

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