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Card Games

This resource contains three ideas for card games involving Planets of the Solar System. It includes instructions for playing the games and the cards of the Planets with key facts about them. The games are Trump Card, Snap and Families. This activity has been provided by European Universe Awareness (EU-UNAWE).

Animals, including humans: healthy animals

This resource provides a selection of lesson plans, worksheets and teachers notes relating to animals including humans at Year Two. They include activities for discussing the stage of the human lifecycle, thinking about how children have changed since they were babies and finding out about the lifecycles of other...

Snacks, snakes and ladders

This resource looks at food, nutrition and healthy eating and links to the topic of animals, including humans. This game is based on the popular game of Snakes and Ladders, but with the difference that when you land on a healthy snack you climb up and when you land on not-so-healthy snack you slide down. Special...

Printable Scratch Blocks for Programming Unplugged

The resource includes Scratch blocks which can be printed and laminated to allow children to create block algorithms visually and in a hands-on way. A great resource to introduce the idea of Scratch blocks to Key Stage One students in the hope that they will become familiar with the system when they reach Key Stage...

Play and learn: being online

This activity book offers students aged 5 to 7 a glimpse into the impact modern technology on their everyday life. It also offers an opportunity for parents and teachers to sit together with their students and discuss important issues, such as online privacy, protecting privacy, protection of a computer and online...

Guess the algorithm

A simple and easily adaptable idea to introduce how algorithms work by allowing students to work out algorithms by a guessing game without the use of a computer. The activity is based on function machines that are used in mathematics at primary school but the level of difficulty can be amplified depending on what...

Christmas party planning

In this problem solving activity children choose and carry out a range of calculations in order to plan a Christmas event. The party has to suit a particular number of people and fit within a specific budget so they have to make decisions by looking at realistic pricing options such as: per-person, according to...


From the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), a database of 31 everyday materials, man made and natural, solid and liquid, transparent and opaque, allows students to explore these and many other properties. Materials on the database may be grouped according to one or more of their properties....

Warm-Up Work

An action starter game from BP Educational Service for students aged 7-11. Each student carries out an appropriate action for electricity words: wire, battery, bulb, motor, switch, buzzer, electricity.

Further starter activities are available from YSI Warm-up Work on the BP Educational Service website.

Calculation Games for Students Aged 5-7

These games, published by BEAM for teachers of primary mathematics, can be used to practise and consolidate students' early mathematical understanding.

The games, with their mathematical content, are:

*Three in a line - addition up to 12

*Add or subtract - addition and subtraction to 12



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