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Episode 324: Stationary or Standing Waves

In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, students look at standing waves in musical instruments and measure their wavelength. Microwaves are used to estimate the speed of light.

The activities include:
* demonstrating waves in a rope
* how superposition results in standing waves...

Episode 408: Field Strength and Potential Energy

This learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, introduces field strength and potential energy for electric fields. Comparisons with gravitational fields are also made.

The activities include:
* discussion of field strength
* worked examples on field strength
* discussion about...

Episode 411: Describing Magnetic Fields

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode uses demonstrations, experiments and questions to help students learn about electromagnetic fields. These consider their strength and direction.

The activities include:
• demonstrating the field around a permanent magnet
• field...

Episode 412: Force on a Conductor in a Magnetic Field

In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, students look at how a magnetic field can be quantified by measuring the force on a conductor. It illustrates how Flemming's left hand rule can be used to find the direction of the force. The activities include: 

  • investigating the relationship...

Episode 415: Electric Motors

Some common electromagnetic machines include motors, generators and transformers. In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, all three are described. Students discuss torque, back electromotive force (emf) and power. The activities include looking at:

  • a model motor
  • motor torque...

Episode 416: Generators and Transformers

Produced by the Institute of Physics, these discussions and demonstrations show that in a generator, motion of a conductor in a magnetic field induces an electromotive force (emf). In a transformer, it is the changing field that induces an emf in a fixed conductor.

The activities in this learning episode...

Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry Experiments contains a varied collection of labcards and worksheets from which teachers can choose in order to build up a programme of chemistry practical work for use in the school laboratory. The labcards include labelled diagrams and questions which are...

Blue Glow

In this demonstration, a colourless liquid and a blue liquid when mixed together emit a blue chemiluminescent glow. Light sticks are devices that produce a 'coolight' by means of a similar chemical reaction.

Cannon Fire

This demonstration shows the oxidisation of hydrogen peroxide using ethanol and potassium permanganate. An exciting illustration of energy changes, the sound of these substances reacting with each other sounds like cannon fire.

Chemiluminescent Ammonia Fountain

This is a dramatic demonstration of chemiluminesence. When a small amount of water is injected into the flask containing ammonia, the ammonia dissolves. The reduction in pressure causes two solutions to be simultaneously drawn into and mixed in the inverted flask. This should produce a bright blue luminescent...


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