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Pirate Game

This Pirate themed game provides many opportunities for children to use their times tables knowledge. It includes three versions of the game which use different multiplication facts so can be used with children at different stages of learning. The arrangement of the numbers on all of the game boards has been...

Christmas party planning

In this problem solving activity children choose and carry out a range of calculations in order to plan a Christmas event. The party has to suit a particular number of people and fit within a specific budget so they have to make decisions by looking at realistic pricing options such as: per-person, according to...


This primary maths game children to use and apply calculation skills. Players use three dice and take it in turns to create a calculation that will allow them to cover a number on the game board. Different amounts of points are scored depending on which numbers are covered, which encourages children to carry out...

Shape Games for Students Aged 3-5

A selection of mathematics games for use with early years students, published by BEAM. They include problems and puzzles, cross-curricular activities and resources to develop spatial awareness and pattern recognition.

The activities, with their mathematical content, are:

*Butterflies - using counters...

Money and Measure Games for Students Aged 3-5

Published by BEAM, this collection of games give students opportunities to practise and consolidate their mathematical understanding of money, through coin recognition, counting and matching amounts of money.

The games, with their mathematical content, are:

*Shopping - matching pence coins to...

Counting Games for Students Aged 3-5

A selection of games published by BEAM for teachers of early years mathematics. The games enable students to develop their skills of number recognition, counting, comparison and writing of numbers.

The games, with their mathematical content, are:

*Reading numbers game - matching numbers in words to...

Number Games for Students Aged 3-5

Published by BEAM, this game gives students opportunities to read, count and sequence numbers. Students roll a die, move the appropriate number of places and if they land on a missing number they need to identify what it should be.

*Missing numbers - a dice game for two players who are required to read the...

Number Games for Students Aged 11-13

Published by BEAM this selection of games allows students to practise and consolidate their understanding of properties of number, including factors and square numbers.

*Factor score - identifying factors in two-digit numbers

*Factors game - strategy game to make a line of four numbers with selected...

Calculation Games for Students Aged 3-5

These resources, published by BEAM, are aimed at the early years and provide games in which students can practise saying numbers and develop their counting skills.

*Nest eggs - saying and counting numbers up to 6

*1 more or less spots - saying numbers one more than or one less than


Perfectly Printable Puzzles

These materials from Planet Science cover the topic areas of plants and animals in the local environment, sorting and using materials, grouping and changing materials, looking at similarities and differences, variation and number and shape. Aimed at children from Early Years through to Key Stage One they include a...


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