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In this booklet in the Griffin Technical Studies series, a second edition published in 1975, students are given instructions on how to make and work with glass. Tables are given to show the chemical compositions and weights of different types of glass mixture. Multiple choice questions are provided to check...

Hair Studies

This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series looks at the biological structure and chemical properties of hair and includes a number of practical experiments to see what changes hair can undergo. It investigates what hair is made of, blood circulation and conditions affecting the hair. It also provides...

Human Chemistry

This booklet provides practical activities linked to health care. Chemistry techniques include tests for carbon, hydrogen, sulphur, nitrogen, iron and flame tests for other elements.

The experiments are:
1. Testing for carbon and hydrogen
2. Testing for sulphur and nitrogen
3. Flame colours...

The Human Machine

This booklet provides a number of practical experiments investigating tissues, organs and organ systems, including how the mind controls the body, psychology and ergonomics.

Curriculum links include, respiratory system, circulatory system, behaviour, nervous system.

The experiments are:


This booklet investigates gemstones, what they are, how to identify them and their types. The resource describes how to apply Moh's scale of hardness and looks at specific gravity testing, blowpipe and bead tests. It then lists and describes a large number of semi-precious stones, including their hardness scores...


This booklet looks at the importance of magnification to scientific study. It explains how a microscope works, how to construct a simple microtome (used to view fibres) and how each of these are used. A set of 15 experiments then leads students to explore fibres, different types of hair and a variety of other...

pH and Redox Measurements

This booklet contains a set of experiments and activities through which students can explore pH and the use of a pH probe.

1. Initial preparation
2. Battery
3. Electrode
4. Buffer solution
5. Instrument layout
6. pH measurement
7. mV measurement...


This booklet introduces students to photography techniques. It includes the chemistry involved in processing negatives and films.


Polymer Science

This booklet contains practical experiments exploring plastics and polymerisation. The text starts with an introduction which explains the types of polymerisation (addition and condensation) and plastics (thermoplastic and thermosetting) and their molecular compositions. It also looks at the effects of heat on weak...


This booklet describes the difference between climate and weather and provides experiments which look at what weather is, and why, how to observe it and how to apply these observations.



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