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This Science upd8 resource revolves around the topic of the universe. A mission brings space dust back from the tail of a comet. The dust may reveal secrets about the origins of the universe and life on Earth. Students must defend the mission's $200 million price tag and produce a graphic to support their talks. ...

Is Life a Dream?

This activity from Science upd8 is linked to the subject of the universe which seems just too perfect! Everything about it seems tailor-made to make sure humans would evolve.

Could an advanced civilization have "fixed it" for us? Some top scientists think it's a serious possibility. In this discussion...

Bulb Danger

This Science upd8 activity draws on a recent Government warning about poisonous mercury from low energy light bulbs being a risk to users.

But is this risk worth the benefits of using low energy light bulbs? In this activity students rank risks and benefits to help them decide.

Mobiles for Kids?

This Science upd8 resource examines what proof there is that mobile telephones are harmful. Policy makers usually follow the precautionary principle. They issue warnings at the first hint of danger. Should we take their advice? In this discussion activity, students judge the risks and the strength of the evidence...


In this Science upd8 activity students analyse information and evidence about homeopathy to decide whether it is based on scientific theory. They then choose the best arguments for and against homeopathy to decide whether they would use it, and whether it should be freely available to all.

Double Blind

This Science upd8 activity draws on clinical trials. Eight young volunteers had been in clinical trials before, but this time things went horribly wrong. Six of the eight were left fighting for their lives.

In this discussion activity students consider whether new treatments should be ever tested on human...

Healthy Chocolate

This Science upd8 resource revolves around the concepts of evidence and validity. A chocolate manufacturer claims its new, high cocoa bar is good for your heart.

But is it? This is the context for teaching students how to evaluate evidence and the 'how science works' concept of validity. The activity is...

Drama: The Plague at Eyam and The Discovery of Vaccines

These two drama scripts, from the Association for Science Education (ASE), can be used to stimulate discussion and debate. These activities can be developed as far as teachers like, including ideas for short role-plays in science classes or full school productions.

The Plague at Eyam is a script for students...

Science Trails

This resource consists of a pair of articles which appeared in ASE's School Science Review in June 1999 which describe outdoor activity trails. The first article is the Maths and Science Fun Trail at Appleby Castle. The trail, developed by the childrens' teachers, was aimed at stimulating enthusiasm for mathematics...

Keeping Baby Warm

This Cre8ate maths activity investigates the ratio of surface area to volume in adults and babies and explains why we keep babies wrapped up in winter.

To calculate surface area and volume students make scale models of a baby and an adult. The models may be simple in nature, such as a single cuboid, or a...


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