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Linking the Properties and Forms of Quadratic Equations C1

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students identify different forms and properties
of quadratic functions, connect quadratic functions with their graphs and properties, including
intersections with axes, maxima and minima. Students will need to be familiar with the...

Enhancing Literacy in Triple Science Chapter 2: Developing Talk in Science

From triple science support, this resource explores ways of developing talk in science. It explores the purpose of speaking and listening in science, considers what students think of group talk and and reflects on how group talk can support bilingual students. Included are teaching strategies and resources to...

Controlling Plant Cell Division to Enhance Biofuel Production

Produced in 2015, these post-16 resources look at how the control of cell division can lead to the production of lignified (woody) tissue. This has direct applications for producing greater quantities of energy rich biofuels. The resources are based on the work being carried out by Dr Ricardo Randall and...

Sustainable Science

This resource looks at types of home insulation, heat loss and calculating pay back time in order to justify choices of insulation. The videos look at materials used in house construction, properties of materials, heat transfer and solar energy. These resources were Supported and funded by National STEM...

Drama: Radioactivity

This resource, provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE), is a play about the history of radioactivity, and how we discovered its uses and dangers. It was written for students aged 14-16 years on the theme of ideas and evidence.

Drama is very popular with students and can be used to stimulate...

Assembly: Mobile Phones

This assembly activity, provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE), focuses on the controversy surrounding mobile phones. The aim of the SYCD assembly series is to make students more aware of their need for scientific understanding in the world outside school.

Assembly: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

This assembly resource from the Association for Science Education (ASE) aims to take a light-hearted look at why some science fiction ideas become reality and others do not. The assembly emphasises the importance of a basic understanding of science, in order to enter into debate. This resource consists of a speech...

Global Solar Partners

This topic, from the Association for Science Education, allows classes in schools across the world to explore and exchange information about the applications of photovoltaic devices. The version of the topic that can be downloaded here is a trial version and is provided only in English. This resource was edited by...


This Science upd8 activity focuses on sulphur, which is usually the element fingered for the blame when it comes to pollution. Students research sulphur to get the low down on this "Jekyll and Hyde" chemical; then act out a trial of the suspect element.

Instant Ice-Cream

In this Science upd8 resource students take on the role of a marketeer trying to sell a new instant ice-cream vending machine. They use PowerPoint’s simple animation features and a gallery of images to explain the science behind the process of mixing flavours and quick freezing.


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