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Knowledge and Understanding of the World

From Teachers TV, this video illustrates how Foundation Stage teacher Karen Whitehouse teaches her Reception class a lesson about minibeasts.

Children examine features of these creatures, looking at similarities and differences, with the key aim to classify and sort them into specific types.


Dancing in Science

Produced by Teachers TV, this video illustrates how Victoria Palmer plans and delivers a lesson looking at parts of the body, movement and exercise to a mixed group of children with age ranges from five to seven years old.

Victoria is familiar with linking the arts with other areas of her teaching but has...

The Role of Talk

Produced by Teachers TV, primary educators demonstrate how they have encouraged dialogue in their Key Stage Two science lessons.

Nicky Waller, an advisory science teacher in Durham, goes through a lesson inspired by the Children Challenge Industry Project. This relates science to real life companies and...

Sound and Hearing

From Teachers TV, this video is part of the Lesson Starters series. It contains five creative ideas for primary science lesson starters to introduce the concept of sound and hearing.

Each of these videos presents the topic of sound and hearing in an exciting and accessible way, ending with a question...

How We Hear

From Teachers TV, this video contains an ideas for a lesson starter suitable for lower primary children. They look at how ears are used to hear and locate sound.

The short video shows two children playing hide-and-seek in the woods. Gabby is wearing earmuffs and, due to her muffled hearing, she's having...

Stepping into Science

This resource, part of Stepping into Science from the BP Educational Service, looks at the topic of materials. Designed for children aged four to seven years it contains a short video, which introduces an investigation to see which materials are waterproof. It includes information on how to set up a fair test,...

Fundamentals of Design - Moving Pictures

In this resource from Teachers TV the need for more design and evaluation in Key Stage One is explored. An Ofsted report highlights that often more focus is put on making the final product and children are not given the time to gain the knowledge and understanding to make their own products.

Teacher Teresa...

Listening to Sounds

This short programme from Teachers TV is suitable for Year One children. It shows an array of images and their accompanying sounds, for children to learn and recognise the associations. The sounds include a doorbell, car horn, opening a can of drink, sawing a log, drilling a hole and cracking walnuts.


Describing Sounds

In this resource from Teachers TV, a professor plays a variety of sounds to his assistant, Sam. She then indicates how she feels about each noise with a smiley, sad or neutral face. The sounds include a bird warbler, an alarm clock and a vacuum cleaner.

This Key Stage One lesson starter stimulates...

Seeing in the Dark

This short lesson starter from Teachers TV, aimed at Year One children gives a clear example of how light is needed to see.

A man takes his dog Woody for a walk in the woods at night, who promptly runs away. This clip leads into a discussion about how Dick managed to find Woody in the dark woods.


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