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Colleague Support

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses what effective colleague support can reasonably be given when dealing with behaviourally challenging classes or individual pupils.

Toolkit Talks: Social and Emotional Learning

This Toolkit Talks video covers social and emotional learning.

Professor Steve Higgins, of Durham University and Camilla Nevill from Education Endowment Foundation discuss research into the social and emotional aspects of learning and how this is implemented in teaching practice.

The minute...

Students Who Just Say NO

Students who refuse to follow instructions are among the most challenging disruptions in the classroom. Leading behaviour for learning expert Bill Rogers demonstrates how to deal with the student who says "no", retain classroom control and overcome the issues.

Students Who Fiddle With Objects

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses his experience of doodling in class as a pupil, and how best to deal with pupils who are distracted by objects in lessons.

Arrogant Lateness

Leading behaviour expert Bill Rogers describes some reliable techniques to address lateness and to minimise its impact.

Core Maths: at Leigh UTC

Core Maths: how does Core Maths support higher education

Anthony Tomei CBE, Visiting Professor and Kings College London, speaks about the importance of retaining the mathematics that students learn at GCSE. He argues that Core Maths can help to “keep the mathematical muscles exercised” to help students as they go on to further study.


Core Maths: Academies Enterprise Trust

In this video Simon Hepburn- Director of Pathways and Partnerships at the Academies Enterprise Trust- discusses his thoughts on the positive impact Core Maths can have for students and industry.

Core Maths: teaching and topics

Teachers and their students share their thoughts and experiences of the Core Maths qualification. Also hear the thoughts of the Key Stage 4 Mathematics Co-ordinator and Higher Level Teaching Assistant as they discuss some of the activities students have covered throughout the course.

Core Maths: Steve Munby - CEO of Education Development Trust

Steve Munby- CEO of the EDT- talks about the benefits of studying Core Maths, explaining how a collaborative approach is at the heart of schools delivering Core Maths.


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