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Distance from the home plate

A player is shown on a baseball pitch. They run around the bases before returning to the home plate. The speed varies between the different bases. The task is to draw a graph of the player’s distance from the home plate against time. The graph shows linear piecewise sections.

Distance from the home...

Distance from the camera

A person is shown spinning around on a playground ‘carousel’ before getting off and walking away. The task is to graph the distance of the person from the camera against time. The resulting graph has periodicity and non-linear elements. This story can be used as a complement to ‘Distance from centre of carousel’...

Distance from the bench

A person is shown exercising using weights whilst lying on a bench.  As the weight is lifted the arms of the person curl around, so that the distance from the bench is not linear with time. As the exercise progresses it takes longer to do each bench press. Finally the weights are placed back on the resting stand....


A person is shown rolling down a hill, pausing, and then running back up the hill. The task is to draw a graph of their elevation against time. The graph contains increasing, decreasing, and constant sections.

Elevation video

Air pressure

The video shows air being pumped into an American football using a hand pump. The person using the pump pauses part way through to press the ball in order to check the pressure. They then continue until a final check is made and the ball is seen to be at the correct pressure. The challenge is to graph air pressure...

Bum height off ground

The video shows a slide at a fairground that starts from a height of 35 metres. The person using the slide pauses at the top of the slide. There are various bumps in the slide along the descent. The challenge is to graph the height of the person's bum off the ground against time.

Bum height off...


A clock with a seconds hand is shown as it advances for 15 seconds. The challenge is to ‘graph the story’. This video emphasises the importance of scales. In this introductory video the answer is then displayed showing a linear relationship.

Time video

Financial Consultant

Ian is an independent financial advisor for Valiant, he discusses his role in this video. Ian spent time in both France and Germany as a teenager and had a variety of jobs having completed a degree before becoming an independent financial advisor. Ian explains that a key part of being successful is having good...

Fund accounting manager

Magna is a manager in the fund accounting at Fidelity, she discusses her role in this video. Magna, raised in Zimbabwe, is responsible for a variety of back office duties associated with fund accounting. After completing A levels, Magna worked in a tax office as she could not afford to go to university, but...

Group financial controller

Nick is the group financial controller for The Paper Company, he discusses his role in this video. Nick manages a group of management accountants and is responsible for putting together the profit and loss balance sheets for all the different divisions of the company. At school Nick enjoyed maths and began work as...


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