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Do Martians exist?

This animated film joins the alien, Paxi, as he investigates the possibility of life on Mars. Looking at the characteristics of living things, he compares them to non-living things. He also looks at microscopic life and how this may be the kind of life that could be found on Mars. Paxi then considers how...

Rosetta and Comets

This animation features Paxi, the European Space Agency mascot, following Comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the comet that was followed by the Rosetta spacecraft in 2014/15. Paxi explains how comets orbit the Sun and what happens as they approach it. Paxi shows how Rosetta can take pictures of the comet and...

Who is Paxi?

In this short animation Paxi, the ESA mascot, introduces himself explaining where he comes from. Once able to fly his spaceship was able to explore and takes us around space, before finding Earth. He compares features of the Earth to his home planet looking at similarities and differences.

This resource has...


This short animated video focuses on submarines. The film demonstrates different parts of a submarine and shows their different sizes from midget submarines to those which can accommodate 100 crew members.

Long way down: Mariana Trench

This film focuses on Marian Trench which is seven miles is a long way down... more than a mile deeper than Mount Everest is up. 

RRS James Clark Ross in Antarctica

This film features RSS James Clark Ross which is primarily a marine research vessel for biological, oceanographic and geophysical cruises. It is equipped with a suite of laboratories and winch systems that allows scientific equipment to be deployed astern or amidships. 


Long way down: Mariana Trench

A video presenting the Mariana Trench.

Taking photographs from the International Space Station

During his mission to the International Space Station, Tim Peake shared many spectacular photographs of the Earth. During this interview, recorded in  March 2017, he talks about taking the photographs and what such images can be used for. The teacher guide will help you find the segment or sections that are most...

Tamilore's Story

This video tells the story of 10 year old Tamilore, who has Sickle Cell Anaemia. He explains what it is like to live with this inherited blood disorder and how it affects his daily life.

The teacher’s notes provide an explanation of sickle cell anaemia, genetic disorders, faulty genes, recessive and...

Birth of the Solar System

Produced by Twig, this animated video is a clear and accessible explanation of how the Solar System fromed. The video describes how:

* the solar system grew from a ball of gas which formed the Sun

* gravity caused heavy material to cluster together and eventually form planets

* the inner...


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