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Things That Use Electricity

Produced by Teachers TV, this short video is part of the Lesson Planning Pack series. It encourages primary school children to think about the items in a house that use electricity. It can be used as a lesson starter to stimulate thought and discussion about electricity in the household. Heather is late for work...

The Hammer and the Feather on the Moon

This classic Apollo 15 clip, from Footagevault, demonstrates that the mass of an object does not affect the time it takes to fall when dropped in a vacuum. The clip could be used in Key Stage Three and Four lessons on forces.

Astronauts Leaping on the Moon

This footage, from Footagevault, documents the locomotion of humans on the moon under reduced gravity conditions. It can be used with Key Stage Three and Four students to start discussions about forces. This clip shows Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan leaping towards the camera with great big kangaroo hops.


Sulphur in Biology

Produced in 1978 by the Institute of Biology as part of its Studies in Biology series, this booklet considers the role of the element sulphur (sulfur) in living organisms.

It looks at some fundamental questions relating to the element:
* Why is sulphur essential for organisms?
* What forms of...


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