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This series of interactive excel sheets look at projectiles, either on or above the horizontal plane.

The first sheet defines the symbols and units used the remaining sheets.

The second sheet investigates how changes to the angle of a projectile effects the maximum height, range and time of the flight...

Statics: Forces at a Point

This series of interactive excel sheets look systems in static equilibrium.

The first sheet looks at two forces acting on a point. A new question can be generated by clicking “new diagram” in which the angle and value of either one of the two forces, or resultant force, are to be found. The next sheet...

Forces In Strings

This series of interactive excel sheets look the forces within strings.

The first sheet shows an adjustable mass hanging on an inextensible string, and demonstrates the fact that the tension is equal to the weight.

The second sheet shows the tension on an inextensible string when a horizontal force is...

Arithmetic Series

This series of interactive excel sheets look at arithmetic series and progressions.

The first sheet gives examples of arithmetic sequences, of which the value of a further term in the sequence, the first term and the common difference can be hidden or revealed. A new set of sequences can be made at the click...

Golden Ratio

This series of excel interactive sheets look at the golden ratio.

The first two sheets investigate the ratio of each pair of consecutive terms in the Fibonacci series, and what happens to the ratio as the sequence tends to infinity. The following sheet shows different ways of looking at Pascal’s triangle and...

Product Moment Correlation Coefficient

This series of interactive excel sheets explore the product moment correlation coefficient (PMCC). Another title can be found in our Virtual Textbook: Secondary collection.

The first sheet generates a set of bi-variate data and plots them on a...

Discrete Random Variables - Coins

This series of interactive excel sheets explore discrete random variables, in particular those of coins and dice.

The first sheet offers a reminder of Pascal’s Triangle.

The second sheet plots the probability distribution for the number of heads obtained for a changeable (between 1 and 10) number of...

Frequency Tables and Quantiles

This excel resource contains a series of interactive sheets exploring frequency tables and quartiles.

The first sheet calculates the mean from a frequency table. The second calculates an estimate for the mean from a grouped frequency table. New examples for both sheets can be generated at the click of a...

Normal Distribution

This interactive excel file contains a series of normal distribution curves to investigate.

The first sheet displays the standard normal curve. The mean and variance can be adjusted and compared to the original graph in order to show the effect this has on the shape of the curve.

The second sheet...

Probability: Biased Coins

This excel program illustrates the effect of introducing bias when throwing coins.

The first interactive excel sheet simulates the outcome of throwing a coin ten times. The probability of each outcome is plotted and shown in a table, alongside the cumulative probability. The probability of obtaining a head...


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