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Joined up STEM – does it benefit the students? How teacher researchers might find out

Published in May 2016, this paper by David Barlex identifies the following key points:

1. The differences between STEM subjects are legitimate and need to be respected

2. By teaching in the light of STEM …  Learning in the STEM subjects can enhance one another. This requires planning but...

Pod 1: Introduction

In this Nuffield Foundation resource, students explore the how humans have sought and used materials and energy throughout history. They learn that the current manufacturing system extracts raw materials, makes something useful and then disposes of it afterwards as waste. This take-make-dump model is not...

Day of temptation

This play follows a school child on a day of being healthy, though everything around her makes it easy to be unhealthy! Temptations include: sugary cereal aimed at children, fast food shops on the journey to school, children talking about computer games at break rather than running...

Tree rings

This teaching package, aimed at Key Stages Two and Three, investigates the science of tree rings (dendrochronology). Linked to the topics of plants and living things and their habitats, it looks at cut tree trunks to determine the age of the tree, how fast it grew and climatic conditions during its growth. It also...

Assessment in transition: SOLO taxonomy

This Powerpoint from the May 2016 Using STEM Research Conference shows how to apply SOLO (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) taxonomy to assessment methods.

Authors: Rosemary Feasey and David Bailey


A strategic approach to CPD to maximise impact

This Powerpoint presentation from the May 2016 Research Conference looks at how research - be this delivered or stimulated by external interventions or through on-site collaborative inquiry processes - is a vital component of a school’s capacity for self –improvement, and that such...

Embedding evaluation in CPD for effective outcomes and higher impact

This Powerpoint presentation from the May 2016 Research Conference looks at the issues facing teachers in using evaluation in their CPD activities and illustrates how to do this more effectively.

Author: Irina Kudenko

Developing professional learning through engagement with research

When teachers are introduced to ideas from research, they seek to make sense of the findings they are presented with by reflecting on their own practice and how they anticipate the research findings may or may not fit with the ways they view teaching, learning and assessment. 

Author: Chris Harrison

Pod 2: Waste

In this Nuffield Foundation resource students investigate whether recycling alone can mitigate the wastefulness of current industrial processes. They categorize waste into two main categories - natural materials which can be recycled through natural systems, and processed technical materials which cannot....


This Nuffield Foundation resource opens with a team game that demonstrates the need for careful planning and collaboration. Students use their findings to construct a standard operating procedure that enables them to improve their performance through better collaboration. They are also introduced to their games...


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