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Extended Tasks for GCSE Mathematics: Teacher's Guide and Impact

The teacher’s guide from the Shell Centre which accompanies the series of modules to support school-based assessment is the main guide to the materials. It makes some suggestions as to how the materials might best be used. It was not intended that this guide should be read from cover to cover at the first attempt...

Statistics and Probability

This book, 'Finding out', from the Shell centre offers a range of materials designed to support students as they pursue extended tasks relating to statistical investigations. The analysis of real data which is of some personal significance can be much more rewarding for students than the completion of exercises...

Solving Real Problems with Mathematics Volume 2

Volume two of two publications produced by the Spode Group with the aim of providing a useful set of examples that are convincing applications of mathematics and applications which can be taught in schools.

This volume contains case studies with three distinct components: problem statement, teaching notes...


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