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Two lessons that together introduce structures. The first lesson has a build a speghetti bridge activity and the second lesson has an activity to build a geodesic dome. The activities can be extended or reduced to fit your timings, I recommend that you also spend time watching a video on testing pasta bridges.

Structures for DT, Spaghetti bridge and Geodomes

These two PowerPoints introduce structures and set two tasks, making a spaghetti bridge and creating a geodesic dome. Both could be completed at home and without the need for specilist equipement.

Bridge Building Activity - HS2

This activity will introduce you to varying bridge designs used in different construction projects and will allow you to explore what it takes to build a bridge and the challenges faced by...

Airbus Helicopters colouring Book

Mobile Phones – How much do you know? (KS3/4)

Students learn about the invention of smartphones from Alexander Graham Bell to the 5G. Find out when they were invented, how they work and safety tips.

With thought provoking facts and figures to stimulate discussion this 30-minute lesson is linked to the KS3 and KS4 computing, computer science and design...

Impact of Technology on Society in Post-War Britain 1950s and 1960s (KS3/4)

Explore key technological developments of the 1950s and 1960s, from the world’s first business computer to the internet and how they influenced society.

Linked to the KS3 history, design & technology curriculum and GCSE business curriculum, this 40-minute lesson traces the impact of technology and...

Mobile Phones - did you know? (KS2)

This resource takes students on a journey from Alexander Graham Bell to the evolution of today’s smartphone. It looks at who uses mobiles, when they were invented, how they work, plus safety tips.

With thought provoking facts and figures to stimulate discussion and some fun experiments for students to try,...

Kodu Game Selection Activity

This lengthier activity involves designing and creating a simple computer game using the free Microsoft Kodu platform. It is expected that the children will have some prior experience of Kodu, or that a basic tutorial is offered before commencing this activity. Worksheets are provided that help children through the...

Make a Game Project

In this multi-lesson project pupils design and code a computer game. It uses a rainforest theme but can be adapted to any topic, with learners of varying age or ability. The project includes: *Decomposition of the elements of a game *Designing the game *Creating assets for the game, such as background images and...

Lego Design & Technology Workshop

Creative Lego workshops. Science, maths, design and technology. Lego workshop that link to different topics. Brunel, Ancient Greeks, climate change, Leonardo da vinci, moon landing, mars2020, moving monsters, WW1 & 2.

All my workshops are for a class of 30 either for a morning or the day. The Children...


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