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Ryde Academy STEM Blog

For some inspiration and to see how we have trialled and refined embedding STEM into the curriculum, please feel free to visit the blog I have created.


Infographics at the National Cyber Security Centre

These resources constitute a range of infographics (posters) about various aspects of Cyber Security and how to mitigate the threats that computer systems are daily subjected to. The posters could be used as teaching resources with lessons based around their content, with students creating their own resources...

Ready Player One - Introducing EMSL aspects of the curriculum

Note - These lessons use the book 'Ready Player One' as a starting point, teachers will need to obtain a copy of the book before using the content, the school library may have a copy that could be used.


Networks and the internet

Students would find this Computing at School community resource useful as a revision resource for the topics of networks and the internet. It is suitable to be issued as a sequence of homework tasks.

STEM and STEAM for Cartography

Mini Map Makers is creating a Poster for STEM and STEAM for Cartography. How Cartography interacts with the elements! 

This is working progress and a draft copy will be out soon!

Why computer systems must be reliable

This lesson focuses on the reliability of computer systems, and specifically how this applies in the case of self driving cars, and what some of the implications might be if this reliability is not demonstrated. Students begin by compiling arguments for and against automated vehicles in...

Factors affecting the use of ICT

This resource consists of a presentation and some supporting materials to enable students to research and create their own presentation around the ideas that there are Ethical, Legal and Environmental Issues surrounding the use of ICT in Business and Educational surroundings. The presentation sets the scene,...

Network topologies - unplugged activity

A short unplugged activity. This uses string and various other props to enable students to simulate the various network topologies required for GCSE Computing. The activities lead naturally into discussions around protocols, data collisions and reliability. A large open area may be required depending on the size...

Networks Role Play -Packet Routing

This resource contains some rules for an unplugged networking activity to model how routers and networks deal with transmitting packets of data. The activity is designed for 6 people to act as routers, who apply the routing rules to packets of data. There are 4 end points which send and receive packets according to...

Computer Misuse Act and Cyber Crime

This resource contains a Lesson Plan centred on the Computer Misuse Act and the choices students might have to make with respect to the act and peer pressure. It helps make clear to students what activities are considered criminal ones with respect to the act as well as asking them to rank criminal activity online...


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