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Principles of data communication

This resource from the Scottish Qualification Authority covers key aspects of data transmission including the concepts of serial and parallel communication, error correction, simplex, half duplex and duplex transmission.

Your rights to your information

This resource consists of a comprehensive teaching pack on the topic of data protection and compliance from the Information Commissioner’s Office. It is a self-contained resource that could be used in its entirety or themes and activities could be selected.

History of supercomputers

Supercomputers represent the pinnacle of computer performance. This resource from the University of York provides a fascinating history for students and will consolidate the key concepts that they have learned about high-performance computer architecture.

Functional programming for Haskell for A level teachers

This resource from Tony Ballantyne assumes no previous Haskell experience but progresses through a series of exercises to cover all key characteristics of the language.

A practical introduction to functional programming

This is a very comprehensive introduction to functional programming concepts using Python 2 from Mary Rose Cook’s blog. Students can work through the activities, using a language of their choice, to learn a wide range of techniques including using maps, lambda, reduce and pipelines.

Testing testing

Machine learning is a process where machines or rather, computer code running on machines, is created that allows the code to develop its own methods to categorise information based on data that we feed into it.  Scientists at the University of Oxford are working on ways to improve the speed and accuracy of these...

Thinking concurrently

This set of  activities from OCR illustrate the concept of concurrency in algorithm development. A teacher pack and learning activity packs are provided. Activities move from the familiar, division of labour when washing up, to the less familiar topic of writing programs using threading in Python. Routing and...

Thinking logically

Within this resource from OCR students use their logical problem-solving skills to develop a cash register that will calculate required change. The task develops students’ logical thinking skills.They will also investigate Bayes’ theorem to calculate probabilities and learn the logic behind...

Thinking abstractly

This resource from OCR provides teachers with a summary of A level coverage and common misconceptions. There are also a sequence of activities to allow students to develop their skills in applying abstraction. These include use of Venn diagram to consider object properties, a binary representation of an image and...

Aggregation and association

Using code examples from C++, this presentation explains aggregation and association in a clear and concise way.


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